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Is the fourteen-year marriage of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban falling apart in quarantine? One tabloid is claiming that Urban has up and left his children just weeks after arriving in Australia. We think y’all know just how unlikely that is, but we’ll debunk this story just the same.

Urban Leaves Kidman Alone Down Under?

According to Woman’s Day, Urban is planning to abandon his family so he can perform iHeartRadio Music Festival. The festival will film performances in Los Angeles and Nashville come September, but apparently Urban is leaving months early over issues with Kidman. An anonymous source who has near-impossible insight claims, “Keith took the gig as a way of showing Nicole he had to go back to America,” which has allegedly blindsided Kidman. This so-called source then goes on to speculate that Urban is going to use a new $5 million New York City apartment as “a bachelor pad for Keith to escape to when he needs to be on his own to write.”

None of this makes sense and here’s why: Why would Urban bother to fly with his family to Australia if he was secretly planning an immediate return trip to Nashville? Why would the tabloid describe the New York apartment as a “bachelor pad” and a place to write? Is Urban going to New York or Nashville, as the tabloid implies he’s going to both while also saying he’s currently staying in Australia and that these are only future plans.

Clearing Up The Confusing Story

It gives Gossip Cop a headache to try and make sense of this made-up story. Urban and Kidman are by all accounts doing completely fine. Urban is expected to perform in Nashville in the iHeartRadio Music Festival to promote his new album The Speed of Now Part I and Kidman has started working on adapting Nine Perfect Strangers. While Urban may indeed fly back to America soon, that would nothing more than traveling for business, something he and Kidman are very much used to and would not signify strife. With the two working on projects in Australia, everything is business as usual for the couple.

The two caused a minor controversy upon arriving in Australia when it seemed they were skipping the mandatory quarantine period. It turned out they had been given permission to quarantine at their estate instead of the hotel. Urban has not been spotted at any airport since arriving in Australia, despite what the provided photo of Urban with luggage would imply. Gossip Cop traced a similar photograph to Getty Images of Urban with the same luggage and white shirt to February 2016, so the tabloid's photo is being deliberately misleading.

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban's Marriage Is On The Rocks

Last September this magazine claimed Kidman was hitting rock bottom in the midst of marital trouble with Urban. The two have remained happily together since then and there is no indication that things have changed. In the last ten weeks, both Urban and Kidman have posted photos of each other on Instagram, so all is well.

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Wacky Quarantine Stories Are Increasingly Common

COVID-19 has blown the speculation doors wide open for this tabloid. In an Australian-related rumor, the tabloid claimed Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness were arguing over a potential move from New York to Australia. While unrest over living in New York during the pandemic is natural, the tabloid supplied no evidence beyond one single unknown and likely fictitious source, so Gossip Cop debunked it, having previously debunked the rumor that Jackman was planning a move back to his homeland.

For a royal flair to these bogus quarantine stories, Woman’s Day has claimed that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were personally traveling to America in an attempt to rescue their grandson Archie from the pandemic. It also claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton were leaving London to escape stalkers when in reality they were peacefully staying in the country to wait out the pandemic. The tabloid can’t keep it straight if the pandemic is so dangerous that secret international flights need to be planned, or if it’s an afterthought in the eyes of the royals. Gossip Cop busted both of these stories as being outlandish and bogus.

In a similar version of this Kidman and Urban story, the tabloid claimed Julia Roberts was choosing to quarantine alone in New Mexico instead of joining her husband and children. She was going so far as to demand a child be sent to her. That story was completely false, as Roberts was spotted with her husband in Malibu. She was neither in New Mexico nor feuding with her husband. Truth is often far simpler than the tabloids would have you believe.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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