Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman “Back From Brink” Of Split Is Fake News

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Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Brink Split

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Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Brink Split

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are not “back from the brink” of divorce. They were never close to splitting in the first place. But after publishing false allegations, a certain tabloid is trying to do damage control with more fake news. Gossip Cop can expose what’s going on.

In August, Star published a cover story wrongly announcing Urban and Kidman were “separated” and nearing a “$300 million divorce.” The made-up report was based on sensational spin about the country singer being caught with another woman while the actress struck up a flirtation with one of her directors. In actuality, Urban was greeting an entertainment journalist at a concert and Kidman was partying with the cast and crew of a recent project. The only drama was manufactured by the tabloid, which is now trying to get out from under its mountain of lies since it’s obvious the couple is still happily together.

The outlet’s new narrative is that, instead of a separation, Urban and Kidman are “back from the brink” and doing a “trial reunion to save their troubled marriage.” A so-called “longtime family friend,” as if one would really talk to a gossip magazine, is quoted as saying, “It was touch and go for a while there with their busy schedules keeping them apart for weeks at a time. But they’ve been married for 11 years and Nicole just wasn’t ready to throw all that away.” Still, the magazine maintains she was “hashing out a hush-hush $280 million divorce deal,” which, suspiciously, is $20 million less than what was previously claimed.

“Keith and Nicole are trying to put the past behind them. They both think they’ve been acting pretty childish lately,” claims the supposed source, who actually could be describing the publication itself. This alleged tipster adds, “It’s not going to be easy, but the only other option is divorce.” In fact, Gossip Cop suspects it’s only a matter of time before the tabloid swings back to that end of the spectrum. That’s, after all, what these magazines do. The gossip media is always going back and forth between celebrity couples heading for a breakup and those same couples miraculously saving their relationships.

It’s a cycle, and as long as Star and its ilk continue to practice it, Gossip Cop will continue to call it out. In this case, the outlet was flat-out wrong when it claimed Urban and Kidman were splitting and is flat-out wrong now when it claims they’re back together. Nothing has changed in their relationship, and it’s clear nothing has changed with the publication. Star is still peddling fake news.