Keisha Renee “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch “I Hope You Dance” Performance

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Keisha Renee Voice Knockouts Video

By Shari Weiss |

Keisha Renee Voice Knockouts Video


Keisha Renee beautifully sang Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” for her Knockouts performance on Monday’s “The Voice.” Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Renee is a country artist with country superstar Blake Shelton as her coach. During the Battles, Rene competed against fellow Team Blake contestant Noah Mac and won. It was a happy ending for Mac, too, however, as Jennifer Hudson stole him for Team J-Hud. Now for Renee to stay in the NBC competition, she had to take down another team mate during the show’s third round, which is known as the Knockouts. Here, two aspiring stars each perform solo and one is declared the winner.

Renee chose “I Hope You Dance” for her performance, a song that Womack made a number one hit back in 2000. During rehearsal with key advisor Kelly Clarkson, Renee was advised to slow down the tempo a bit so she wasn’t “racing” through the verses. As for her opponent, Kathrina Feigh only joined Shelton’s team after he stole her from Hudson during the Battles. She was planning to sing “Girl On Fire” by on-and-off “Voice” coach Alicia Keys, and was encouraged to not to perform the track “exactly” like the Grammy winner.

After the two strong, big-voiced performances, Hudson told Renee, “You’re just an effortless, flawless singer,” and said to her former artist Feigh, “You set this place on fire.” She quipped to Shelton that his decision depends on whether he wants to be on fire or dance. Cyrus said she wants to see Renee’s “face in country music right now,” and credited her for making Womack’s track her “very own.” Shelton reassured Feigh that she’s an “incredible talent,” but noted that Renee was “blowing the roof off this place with your voice.” And it was Renee who was named the victor. Watch the videos below!

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