“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Recap: Kim Kardashian Has Anxiety, Kendall Jenner Has Sleep Paralysis

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap November 6 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap November 6 2016


On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian struggled with anxiety, while Kendall Jenner dealt with sleep paralysis. Get the full recap below.

In New York, Kendall called momager Kris in L.A. to tell her about having sleep paralysis, particularly on planes. Kris thought her daughter simply had anxiety over flying, and Kendall in turn thought she was minimizing the situation. “One day when I’m rushed to the hospital, you guys are gonna wake up,” she snapped. Back in L.A., Kendall told Kris she didn’t want to travel, despite having professional obligations, because of the sleep issues. “It almost feels like my heart stops,” she told Kris, saying that her “health is a bigger deal” than her career.

Kim told BFF Jonathan Cheban that she has anxiety about “every last thing,” including driving, and a fear of something disastrous happening. She was unfamiliar with the concept of sleep paralysis, leading Kendall to explain, “It’s like you’re asleep, and then the middle of the night, basically your mind wakes up but your body’s still asleep, so you wake up but nothing can move. You can’t speak — nothing.” She went on, “It’s the scariest thing in the entire world. You literally think you’re never going to be able to move again.”

A stunned Kardashian said in a confessional, “I mean, I thought I was having anxiety. This is like so much scarier. I’ve never heard of sleep paralysis and I think it sounds like such a crazy experience, and I feel so bad that she’s been going through this.” Kris was now concerned about both her daughters, picking up on Kim’s anxiety, and worrying she’d end up in Kendall’s situation. “That’s debilitating,” the matriarch warned, telling the camera it was “ironic” both were “going through similar things,” and hoping the siblings could work on it together.

Kim and Kendall met with a therapist, leading the model to open up about not just the sleep paralysis, but also her panic attacks. She rejected, however, the advice to feel the symptoms in a controlled setting, where she could learn how to cope. Kim, though, willingly went for a car ride with the therapist, who advised her how to handle her “intrusive thoughts” in the moment. Kim hoped her anxiety was a “slip-up,” and she’d soon be able to “take back [her] life.”

Kim was further inspired by the way her dad always lived his life to the fullest, and decided to set the same example for her kids. And in the wake of the therapy session, Kim felt her anxiety was largely gone. In contrast, Kendall continued to struggle, but welcomed Kim’s suggestion to try meditating, which she found relaxing and peaceful. That strengthened Kendall’s resolve to get better, and the sisters pranked Kris by telling her to “cancel everything.” As Kris freaked, Kendall assured her she was recommitted to her job.

In the episode’s other storyline, Scott Disick found himself a surprising new group of friends. Kris invited him to dine with her “girlfriends,” including Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick. That led Scott to join Kris and other pals, like Heather McDonald, for a water aerobics session, which he found to be unexpectedly sexual.

Kim later asked him, “Why on earth are you hanging out with my mom, going to tea parties and doing water aerobics?” Scott argued, “The only difference between them and all of you is they don’t sit on their phones the whole time.” As Kim and Kourtney cracked jokes about the age difference, Scott became defensive, but also started having second thoughts.

He told the camera, “I didn’t want to be a full-blown cougar stalker. It’s definitely not the most normal thing on the planet, so maybe I shouldn’t hang out with the cougar squad.” Scott then blew off a lunch with Kris and her friends, much to her chagrin. Khloe called Kourtney a “hater” for making Scott feel badly, and he admitted to being “scared” that he was liking Kris’ circle too much. Khloe thought “cougar town” was at least a safe environment for him compared to others with negative influences.

Scott started feelingly badly for pushing Kris and her pals away, so he joined them for a painting class. “I don’t care what people think. Age is nothing but a number,” he told the camera, going on to crack, “These ladies need the Lord.” Kris appreciated his presence, as well as his apology for previously flaking.

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