Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap: Kim Kardashian Fights With Kourtney Over Her Video Game, Kris Jenner Begins Dating

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keeping up with the kardashians recap march 25 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

keeping up with the kardashians recap march 25 2015


Keeping Up With The Kardashians” had Kris Jenner finding love with a 33-year-old man while her daughters Kim Kardashian fought with Kourtney over her new video game during season 10’s second episode.

Jenner’s relationship with music manager Corey Gamble is exposed after Scott Disick, Kendall Jenner and Kylie take the matriarch’s cell phone and start going through her text messages to Gamble. Disick acknowledges it’s “uncomfortable” after having read them.

Later, Kim, who’s living in her mom’s home, tells Disick and Khloe how she hears her mom and Gamble presumably having sex. She says, “The bed literally bangs up against the wall.” She adds, “I swear I heard moaning.” While Kim and Khloe talk about how they think it’s going too fast, Disick brings up how both Kardashians got married after two months.

Another plot point is that Kim wants her sisters in her video game, and while Khloe’s cool with it as long as she’s not presented as a “beast,” Kourtney doesn’t want to be a part of it, and refuses to allow her likeness to be used. When it’s suggested that maybe Kim buy Kourtney something to persuade her to be in the video, Kim says, “I’m not buying her a f*cking pair of shoes, I bought her a career.”

Kourtney maintains she would have participated if Kim had asked her nicely as a “favor, rather than just shoving legal papers in front of her to sign. Following that, Kourtney sent Kim a “cease and desist” letter, noting that now her sister knows “what’s like to protect yourself legally.

Kim talks to Kris about it, and the momgager suggests she compensate Kourtney for it. Kim then goes to Kourtney’s home, apologizes, and offers her some money. Kourtney says it’s “not about the check,” though Kim disagrees. In the end, Kourtney agrees to give Kim her permission to use her likeness in the video. What did you think of this week’s episode?


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