‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Season Finale Recap: Kim Kardashian Prepares To Give Birth

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KUWTK Season Finale Recap Kim Birth

By Andrew Shuster |


Kim Kardashian prepared to give birth to her second baby on Sunday’s season finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Get the full recap below!

The season 11 finale, titled “Unforeseen Future,” opened with Kourtney mentioning to her pregnant sister how she “used to hear stories all the time [where] people couldn’t make it so they’d give birth on the front lawn of some random person’s house.” Kim’s friend Jonathan Cheban then suggested the trio go on a trial run to prepare for when Kim’s water breaks, and so they ran to the car and set out to on a trip to the hospital. Cheban jokes at one point, “Come on, Kim, you’re dripping!” Kim revealed in a confessional that her pregnancy was causing a lot of anxiety, saying, “They always say your second baby comes quicker, so I just hope I make it there in time. The unknown just scares me.”

Khloe later admitted that she had no recollection of most of Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday party because she was “f*cked up.” She explained in a confessional, “I definitely don’t remember a good 80 percent of my mom’s birthday. I do know I looked really good in my dress.” Due to all of the stress she was experiencing following Lamar Odom’s overdose and caring for him at the hospital, Khloe added, “I needed to blow off some steam. And I just don’t feel guilty about getting that f*cked up because I deserved every glass of champagne.” Kourtney helped out by reminding her sister, “You were hitting everyone in the d*ck.”

While spending time together, Caitlyn told Kendall she was “upset” that Kendall didn’t want her coming to her runway debut at the Victoria’ Secret Fashion Show. “You know I was gonna show up whether you said I couldn’t come or not,” she told her daughter. Kendall insisted, “it was nothing personal,” but Caitlyn told her, “You have to realize, we take it personal. I love when anybody, but especially my kids, fulfill their dreams… You did good. I was proud of you.” Kendall explained in a confessional, “I originally didn’t want anyone in my family to come to the show… But in the end, my mom and my dad ended up coming, and everything turned out amazing.”

At lunch with Cheban, Kim told him that she had just went to the doctor and found out, “The baby is already seven pounds, which is unheard of, it’s supposed to be four.” She then revealed that the renovations on her and Kanye West’s home were taking longer than planned, and she was becoming very frustrated with having to live with her mom.

Kylie and Kendall arrived in Australia to promote their new fashion line, and during a joint interview, Kylie was asked about supposedly being “banned” from Kendall’s Victoria Secret’s show. Kylie later noted in a confessional that she was annoyed by the question, because it made it seem as if she was a “jealous sister” and the only one in the family who wasn’t invited. A moody Kylie later told her sister that she was frustrated about the situation, and Kendall apologized for hurting her feelings, but told her not to “worry about what other people think.”

Kourtney told Kim that she and ex Scott Disick were going to couples therapy once a week, not because she planned on getting back together with him, but to “work on things” so they could “co-parent together.” Kim had news of her own, revealing to her sister that her baby was “breach,” meaning it was positioned to come out butt or feet first, and if the baby didn’t turn around on, she would have to get a C-section.

Khloe later revealed in a confessional that she had found a new facility where Odom could rehabilitate, and that she was ready to get back to work full-time. Meanwhile, Disick visited Kourtney and their children at her house immediately after getting out of rehab. “I’m really proud of Scott for being in rehab for 30 days,” Kourtney said in a confessional “But I don’t know what’s going to go on. I don’t want to end up in the same situation I just got out of.” The encounter was a bit tense, and Kourtney explained to the camera, “I don’t know how to be yet… 30 days isn’t enough for me to trust the situation.”

At the end of the show, Kris surprised Kim with a new getaway house where she could live after giving birth to the baby. Kim could finally be relieved of the stress of having to share a living space with her mom. As she and Kris were looking around the new house, Kim announced, “Mom, my f*cking water just broke!” The episode ended with the two heading for the hospital, where Kim was expected to soon go into labor.


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