‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kris Jenner Hires Scribe To Record Family’s Conversations

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Kardashians Recap Season 14 Episode 8

By Andrew Shuster |

Kardashians Recap Season 14 Episode 8


On Sunday’s new episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kris Jenner hired a scribe to record all of the family’s conversations, much to her kids’ annoyance. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian visited a homeless shelter for women. Get the full recap below!

Kris noted in a confessional that she kept forgetting things and needed to become more organized, so she decided to hire a scribe to write down everything she says and does. “I’m getting older and I feel like I can’t remember anything so I feel like I need to write it down,” the momager said. “I want everything I say documented from now on so I can refer to it later.” She later told the plan to daughters Khloe and Kourtney, both of whom thought the idea was crazy.

At dinner that night, Kris introduced the girls to her scribed Madhvi, who she employed to follow her around and type out all of her conversations. “Are you being serious?” Khloe asked when her showed up with the scribe. Kourtney asked her mom in a confessional, “Wait, when you’re having a conversation, does Madhvi also record what I’m saying or just what you’re saying?” The momager responded, “What everybody’s saying.” Kris then told the girls, “I mean, it’s kind of amazing. I can look back and tell you exactly what I said. There’s no doubt.”

Khloe admitted in a confessional, “Meeting the scribe for the first time, it’s just strange. Do you really want everything documented?” She then decided to mess with her mom by saying inappropriate things in front of the scribe. “Mom, do you have to pee or are you good with your diaper?” she asked at the dinner table. Khloe added, “She queefed in our workout the other day. She was queefing!” “I did not!” Kris shouted back, but her daughter continued, “All you do is get drunk, it’s wild! Please call child services. You have no idea what I go through on a nightly basis.” Kris said, “Don’t punish me because somebody’s writing everything down. It’s not funny anymore!”

Kim decided she wanted to get more involved in giving back to the community, especially to those living on the streets. She brought Khloe to visit a shelter and find out more about the work they do. “I really do want to learn and figure out what we can all do to fix this problem,” Kim said in a confessional. “The homeless issue is a full epidemic. I’m so willing to help in any way that I can. I just want to bring awareness to this issue.”

Later at Kris’s house, Khloe became annoyed when her mom’s scribe started following them around to write out their conversation. “I think having a person follow you around all day and type on a computer is a little excessive,” she told her mom. “You have some ridiculous situation going on with some person dictating your every word. You’re a normal human being. We’re not in the court of law here!” Kris understood her point, and said in a confessional, “Going forward, I believe it’s probably best to have the scribe during business hours and meetings, and not family time.”

Kim later visited the Alexandria House, a homeless shelter catered to women and single moms. “I just want to bring awareness to this issue because I feel like there’s a lot that can be done in our community and it starts with just getting the information,” she noted in a confessional. During the visit, a woman named Madisen shared her emotional story with Kim. “Most people don’t understand the homeless,” she explained. “They think that you’ve had to have been a bad kid, you had to have run away or you’re doing drugs. I was an athlete and for whatever reason, my mom, she just couldn’t deal. She was on drugs and she kicked me out of the house at 17 and I found myself homeless.” Madisen further told Kim how the Alexandria House helped get her and her child off the streets.

As the episode ended, Kim noted in a confessional that she plans to get more involved in organizations aimed at solving homelessness. “The problem is just so big that it’s not going to take just one person saying they want to make a difference,” she acknowledged. “It’s going to take the whole city and the country coming together to fix this huge issue.”

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