‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall Take Trip To Santa Barbara

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Keeping Kardashians Recap Season 14 Episode 4

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Kardashians Recap Season 14 Episode 4


Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner took a sisters trip to Santa Barbara, California on Sunday’s all-new “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Get the full episode recap below!

Early in the episode, Kourtney noted that she feels she has less of a connection with Kendall than the rest of her sisters so she suggested they take a road trip to Santa Barbara as a bonding experience. Meanwhile, Kim told Khloe that she wasn’t a fan of her wardrobe and offered to give her a fashion makeover. Khloe, however, refused her sister’s proposal and insisted she was happy with her look. Later, Kourtney revealed to Khloe that she got a text from Scott Disick, who told her he was in a downward spiral and needed to go to rehab. She also asked Khloe to join her and Kendall on their getaway because she thought it might be awkward with just the two of them.

Shortly before the girls left, Kim and her best friend Jonathan Cheban snuck into Khloe’s closet to secretly repack her suitcase for her upcoming trip. “Oh my god, it looks like ‘My Super Sweet 16,'” Jonathan joked before grabbing a pair of stilettos from the shelf. “What the hell are these?” he asked. “This is like five animals in one.” “Cheesy as [expletive],” Kim added. “I think I can just help Khloe have a more simply style, because her body is really the accessory,” she added in a confessional. Kim then put together an ensemble consisting of all black, to which Jonathan quipped, “That’s beautiful… for a funeral. It’s pitch black! They don’t wear it like this in Santa Barbara. It’s a happy city.” Kim disagreed, saying, “We got to be chic!” She then proceeded to put all new clothing into her sister’s suitcase.

Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall then hit the road for their trip. When they arrived at their villa, Khloe was shocked to discover that her suitcase had been repacked. She the called up Kim and told her, “That’s so mean!” Kim, however, assured her she was doing her a favor and would thank her later. At dinner that night, Kourtney became distracted by a barrage of texts from her and Scott’s mutual friend Simon, who told her Scott was partying out of control. “I don’t want the kids to see him like this,” she told her sisters. Khloe later called Kim to tell her the situation with Scott, and Kim offered to talk to Scott about his behavior.

Kim visited Scott at his house and said, “I came to check on you. Everyone’s calling Kourtney worried about you.” “What’s the problem?” he asked. Kim explained that she wanted Kourtney to enjoy her weekend without getting calls about him partying nonstop. “I get it,” he admitted. “People call her about anything and everything. There are times where I definitely am out of control, but you can tell Kourtney to have a good weekend and rest assured that I’m fine.” Kim later called Kourtney to tell her she talked to Scott and “it’s all good,” then suggested she relax and have fun on her trip.

After Kendall went to bed early, her older sisters discussed ways to prank her. “What if we put a blueberry up her ass?” Kourtney suggested. Khloe urged her to do it, but Kourtney decided to consult her Twitter followers asking for “good prank ideas.” She read a reply from a person who said, “Put a few squares of chocolate in their bum crack so it melts, and when they wake up they think they pooped themselves.” Kourtney, who couldn’t contain her laughter, added, “I think that’s the winner. She’s just going to think she went to the bathroom!” The girls then snuck into Kendall’s room with pieces of chocolate in hand, but their younger sister woke up while they attempted to put the chocolate down her pants. “What?!” a sleepy Kendall asked. “We wanted you to shart yourself,” responded Khloe. The unamused model told her older siblings, “You guys are like, 12.”

The next day the girls attended a wine tasting, during which Kendall confessed, “I swear, I’ve never gotten this drunk this quickly off of wine.” “You’re drunk already?” asked Khloe. “You guys are drinking all the glasses. I’m drinking sips.” Khloe began getting irritated as her sisters got increasingly buzzed, with Kendall even knocking over a glass. “You both are wasted and I’m not,” she said. Kourtney then told Kendall, “I need to drink the rest of your red wine,” and proceeded to steal her glass. The model wasn’t happy about her sister finishing her drink, so she downed Khloe’s leftover wine. As the episode ended, Khloe had Kourtney and Kendall go to the spa together alone so they could get closer. When Khloe returned home, she thanked Kim for repacking her bag and admitted she chose good outfits. Khloe then asked her sister to be her stylist, but Kim told her she was too busy.

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