‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Family Furious After Rob Goes Missing

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap


The Kardashian family became furious with Rob for disappearing after a fight with Blac Chyna on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the show began, Kris Jenner told the family that her mom MJ’s birthday was coming up and she wanted everyone to visit her in San Diego. She told Rob to bring Chyna along, and he agreed he would. Meanwhile, Scott admitted to Khloe he missed Kourtney and the kids, who were away on vacation without him, and was upset and lonely without them. Khloe later told Kris that she was worried about Scott and missed “The Lord version of Scott,” referring to his old, over-the-top alter ego.

Khloe and Kris decided to cheer up Scott by helping him bring back The Lord. They bestowed him with a big, red velvet flag with an “LD” symbol, which Scott wrapped himself in like a cape. “I never knew you guys wanted The Lord back so bad,” Scott said as he whipped around his cape. “I actually thought The Lord was a bit on the obnoxious side.” He further said in a confessional that being The Lord usually gets him into trouble, but admitted, “If everyone wants it, I’m more than happy to bring it back!”

Rob later confided in Khloe that he was having second thoughts about going to San Diego for their grandmother’s birthday party, explaining that he was feeling self-conscious about his weight and had nothing to wear. Khloe later suggested to Kim that she talk him into going, so she called up her brother and told him they could get a stylist to find him clothing to wear. “You never know how many birthdays she’s going to have left,” Kim noted about their elderly grandmother, and further insisted it was important he attend. But later when Rob was given a variety of outfits to choose from, he told his sisters, “I’m just not comfortable.”

A concerned Kim later asked Scott if he knew what was going on with Rob, noting he had deleted all photos of Chyna from his Instagram page. “Everywhere in the media it says there broken up,” she added. Kim then tried calling her brother but the phone went straight to voicemail. Scott asked, “Does this mean he’s not going to come to San Diego?” to which Kim acknowledged, “Totally.” Kim then called Chyna, who admitted the two had gotten into a fight and she didn’t think Rob would go to MJ’s birthday party. Kim noted in a confessional, “I know that Rob and Chyna have an unstable relationship. They just know how to push each other’s buttons and my brother shuts down.”

The entire family arrived in San Diego for MJ’s birthday, but Rob didn’t show up. Chyna, however, still decided to join everyone despite her fiance bailing on the party. Naturally, Kris and all of the sisters were angry that Rob didn’t come, and to make matters worse, he blocked all of their phone numbers so no one was able to contact him. Chyna then told everyone that she hadn’t heard from Rob in days and he had gone MIA.

Khloe later expressed her frustration with Rob to her two sisters, telling them, “We can’t just act like what he’s doing isn’t wrong. If this was any man that we were with, we would be pissed. He hasn’t spoken to her in days! How dare you leave a pregnant woman? Would you be okay if Kanye disappeared for five days and never reached out to you?” Khloe asked Kim, who responded, “No, I’d die.” Khloe then added, “I don’t care if it’s our brother. It’s crazy how he’s acting.” Khloe further noted in a confessional that Rob “can’t handle things the way he once did” now that he’s going to be a father. “He has to deal with his problems. He can’t just run away and ignore them.”

Back in Los Angeles, Rob finally emerged and his three sisters sat him down to discuss his recent behavior. “Why did you disappear?” Khloe asked her brother, who responded, “I just didn’t want to hear from everyone so I chose to block everybody and that’s it.” He went on to explain he went to Las Vegas after he and Chyna got into a fight. “You need to communicate more,” Khloe told her brother, who shot back that the family “freaks out” and “gets dramatic” when he talks about his problems. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney agreed they would react calmer if he would be more communicative, and the siblings were on the same page for the time being.

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