‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Rob Kardashian Returns

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Keeping Up Kardashians Recap

By Andrew Shuster |


Rob Kardashian made his return to “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on Sunday’s new episode following a year-long absence from the reality series. Get the full recap below!

Early in the episode, Khloe expressed to Kim it was a “miracle” that their brother Rob, “who doesn’t even show up to Christmas the past three years” and “wouldn’t leave his room,” was now publicizing his life with girlfriend Blac Chyna on Snapchat. Kim responded, “If she gave him confidence, more power to her,” adding in a confessional, “After Rob and Blac Chyna started dating, Rob is now all over social media. He hasn’t been like this in so long. Even though there’s been some drama, if this is what it takes, then I don’t care who he’s dating. I’m so happy that he’s just feeling better about himself.”

Khloe, however, felt Rob should have gave them a heads up he was going to begin dating Chyna, because Kylie Jenner is dating her ex-fiance Tyga, with whom Chyna shares a child. “He should have said to us, ‘Hey, guys. This is how I feel. I can’t help who I love, and I fell in love with her,” Khloe added. She further said in a confessional she was “happy” Rob was “out and about” again, but also “disappointed” that he hadn’t spoken to her since she kicked him and Chyna out of her house. “Because I’ve been the only one who stood by him, and defended him, and wanted the best for him,” Khloe added.

Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble went grocery shopping with Kourtney and her son Mason Disick. Later at Kourtney’s house, Kim and Khloe joined them for dinner, but Kris wasn’t there. Kim admitted in a confessional that her sister’s closeness to Gamble is “a little weird,” but further acknowledged, “He’s the nicest.”

Later, Kourtney asked Kim, “Did you hear that Rob bought a house?” to which Kim said, “Khloe’s going to freak.” Kim believed the independence would be “good for him,” but Kourtney pointed out there’s “been a lot of drama.” She added, “I think mom needs to tell Khloe,” but her sister countered, “I feel like Rob should tell her, but have they even spoken?” Kim further said in a confessional, “Rob and Khloe always had a special bond. They were close in age and were BFF’s… I think Khloe is still hurt that Rob hasn’t called her and I feel bad for her.”

After learning that Kourtney and Gamble speak via Facetime every day, and also constantly eat out at restaurants together and hang out at night, Kim asked Khloe if she found their sister’s relationship with their mom’s boyfriend “bizarre.” Khloe admitted she did, and the two decided they would confront her about it. But when Kim later asked Kourtney about the situation, her sister simply insisted she enjoyed Gamble’s company and the two were friends.

Rob called Kris to chat, and she noted in a confessional, “It feels really good to talk to Rob on the phone when he’s in a good mood because it’s been a long time. She added that she was especially grateful Rob had his “really good sense of humor” back. She added, “Rob’s excited about his new house and I can tell that Rob is getting really excited about life again.” Kris then broke the news to Khloe that Rob was getting a house, and she was speechless. When Khloe accused her mom of “enabling” Rob, Kris assured her he was covering the down payment, but she shot back, “It’s not his money. “You are one of the world’s biggest liars.”

Khloe further explained her perspective in a confessional, saying, “I would have such deep fights with my family because I was ‘enabling’ Rob by letting him live with me, and then the one person who yelled at me the most, which is my mom, now she’s helping Rob. I just find it mind-blowing.” But Kris told her daughter, “He’s every excited, and I want you to be supportive and get on board.” Khloe, however, pointed out that she and Rob weren’t currently on speaking terms.

Rob arrived to his new house where Kris was already helping set up with an interior designer. “Hi! Welcome home!” she told her son. Kourtney and Khloe also arrived to see Rob’s new place to “make him feel welcomed.” Kim added in a confessional, “It makes me happy that he’s feeling better about himself. And I know my mom’s really happy. He hasn’t been like this in so long. It’s so refreshing.”

Kris told Khloe she should go visit Rob at his new house, to which she said, “Whenever he feels like inviting me,” adding, “You don’t think it’s weird Rob hasn’t called me one time?” But Kris explained, “He’s very sensitive. I didn’t realize how sensitive he is. And I know he loves you very much.” Later, Khloe discussed the issue with her best friend Malika Haqq, who told her she should be the bigger person and reach out to Rob, and that he probably misses her even if he’s not showing it.

At the end of the episode, Khloe decided to try and make peace and called Rob, but he didn’t answer. Shen then attempted to visit Rob at his new house, but he wasn’t there. “Oh well, I tried,” she said to herself, adding in a confessional, “This is getting dragged out way more than it needs to. I tried to be the bigger person… I’m not really sure what else to do.”


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