‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kourtney’s Kids Take Priority Over Scott Disick

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Keeping Up Kardashians Recap Season 11 Episode 2

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up Kardashians Recap Season 11 Episode 2


Kourtney Kardashian insisted that her three young kids take priority over reconciling with Scott Disick on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Get the full recap below!

The second episode of season 11 was titled “The Price You Pay.” Early on, Kim revealed to Kylie and Kris Jenner that ongoing construction at the mansion she shares with Kanye West is forcing them to temporarily relocate. Kim asked her mom first, “You want a roommate?” After exclaiming, “Oh my god,” Kris responded, “I would have to make a run for it. Sayonara!”

Kim then suggested, “Maybe we can move into Kylie’s new place for like a little bit.” But Kylie remarked, “I would seriously stab myself.” Kim shot back, “Come on, Kylie, I would do it for you! I have to ask Kanye if he’s into that idea.” But Kylie insisted, “Nobody is staying at my house.”

Khloe asked Kourtney to join her on her trip to Australia, where she had to promote the family’s “Kardashian Kids” clothing line. But Kourtney declined the invitation, saying, “I don’t want to go without my kids. They need me now more than ever.” Kim isn’t going on the trip either, due to her pregnancy.

Later, while driving with her best friend her best friend, Malika Haqq, Khloe complained about doing “all of the work” for the various Kardashian businesses and then having to split the money with her sisters. “I’m doing a kids promotional tour, and I don’t have kids,” she pointed out.

Khloe later got a text from Disick who suggested the two of them talk about what’s going on between him and Kourtney, but Khloe didn’t feel comfortable responding until she could talk to her sister about how to handle the situation.

Back at Kris’s house, she had a conversation with Kim about Kourtney and Disick’s troubled relationship. Kris admitted, “I worry about him too because I’m sure he’s struggling and feels horrible.” But Kim disagreed, saying, “He was the one who f*cked up.” Kris did, however, add, “I’m more worried about three little kids under the age of five,” referring to her grandchildren Mason, Penelope and Reign. Kris then said she was going to “reach out” to Disick, to which Kim responded, “I wish you would move on from him. I’m over him.”

In Australia, Khloe took a hot-air balloon ride to see the landscape from new heights. While mid-air, she got a call from Kourtney, and excitedly told her sister about the “crazy” experience. “You know I’ve been on one before,” Kourtney said. Offended that she was so dismissive, Khloe told Kourtney, “Oh, f*ck you… suck my d*ck! Bye!”

When Khloe got back from Australia, she asked her sisters to pick up some of the slack in regards to promoting their businesses, because the work is stressing her out and taking a toll on her personal life. Both Kim and Kourtney understood where their sister was coming from, and agreed to be more supportive.

Later, Disick sat down with Kris to try and have her help figure out where he stands with Kourtney, so Kris got her daughter on the phone in hopes of playing “mediator.” She explained what Disick had told her, that he’s “confused” because he thought there was an “open-door policy” after he was kicked out of their home.

Kourtney admitted that there originally was, then added, “But hat has changed. He was flaking too often. Every time I’ve tried to have him sit and have dinner with [the children], he sits in the other room on his phone. He flakes on going to the kids’ first day of school.” Kourtney added that Disick couldn’t drive the kids to school because “he went out and partied” the night before. She added, “Just like a real f*cking a**hole. His main concern is himself, not the kids. And that’s what’s important here, is the kids.”

Kourtney continued to point out that the kids “need consistency and a parent who is going to be present and provide them with a beneficial experience, not something that’s harmful.” She added, “I can’t wait for the day where we can all hang out. But he’s not in the place.” Kris then asked if Disick could at least come over that night to “tuck in Mason,” but Kourtney would only agree if he got there at a specific time and agreed to eat dinner with the kids as well.

After they hung up the phone, Kris told Disick, “You have to earn back the trust that you lost. It’s not going to be easy.” Kris then told Disick she loves him, but added, “part of love is being honest, and you really f*cked up.”


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