“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Recap: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Baptize North In Jerusalem

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KUWTK Recap North Baptized

By Andrew Shuster |

KUWTK Recap North Baptized


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baptized daughter North at the oldest Armenian church in Jerusalem on Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

The new episode, titled “It Feels Good To Be Home,” opened with Kim, Khloe and Kanye enjoying their last day in Armenia. The group visited an ancient Armenian church where they were all moved spiritually and emotionally. Later that night, Kanye performed a free, impromptu concert on the streets of Armenia in front of a crowd of several hundred people.

After the mega-concert, the group left Armenia and headed for Israel for North to get baptized. The service took place at the St. James Church, a lavish and ancient cathedral. North was dipped in the holy water while many clergyman and priests prayed, and Kim later expressed her gratitude that North was “baptized in the Armenian culture.” Following the ceremony, the group headed home to Los Angeles.

Back in LA, Khloe and Kendall had a heart-to-heart about the anxiety that Caitlyn’s transition is causing the family. Kendall revealed that she’s nervous to meet her father for the first time since transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn, because once she formally meets Caitlyn, her dad as she knew him will no longer exist. “It’s like, when you officially meet ‘her,’ then he’s gone,” Kendall said. “I think that’s what I’m holding onto. I think that’s why I’ve taken so long to meet ‘her.’”

Kim and Kylie had a similar candid chat about Caitlyn, when Kim’s younger half-sibling revealed that she was worried about attending the Billboard Music Awards and having to answer questions about her dad during interviews. Kim reassured her that she could just tell red carpet reporters, “I’m not ready to talk about that right now,” and leave it at that.

However, Kylie couldn’t handle the pressure of the red carpet once she arrived at the awards show, and wound up bailing from being interviewed. Just prior to her leaving, Kylie’s publicist promised, “I told them no questions about your lips, and that if you started to feel uncomfortable about your dad to move on.” But reminding Kylie of those topics only seemed to make her even more nervous, and she responded, “Now I feel too sick.” She insisted that she “can’t” go through it, adding, “I’m just gonna go now,” before walking off.

Later on, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie all got together to pose for the cover of Cosmo. However, problems arose when it was pointed out that Kendall has a contract with a competing modeling agency, making the Cosmo editors hesitant to put her on the cover of their magazine. However, “Momager” Kris stepped in to fix the situation, figuring out a deal where Kendall’s cover would be for paid subscribers only, and not on newsstands.

Kylie confronted Kendall about ditching her on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards. “I totally understand you had your sh*t going on, but I just felt like I really needed you,” Kylie told her older sister. Kendall understood, responding, “I agree with you and I’m sorry. Next time, we’ll communicate better.” The sweet moment between siblings concluded with Kendall saying she’d always be there to “protect” her little sister.

As the episode ended, Kim visited Caitlyn’s house and went through her closet to take all of Bruce’s old clothing. Kim brought her mom Bruce’s clothes, but as a result, Kris started crying about her ex-husband being “gone.” “It smells like him… It makes me really sad,” Kris said while sniffing one of Bruce’s old shirts. “It’s just crazy that he’s gone,” a crying Jenner added. Kim tried to reassure her mom that “he’s not,” but Kris continued crying, adding, “Yes, he’s gone.”


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