‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kris Jenner Accuses Kim Of Being A Traitor

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap


Kris Jenner accused Kim Kardashian of being a traitor for helping style Caitlyn Jenner for the ESPY awards on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode opened, the family attended Kanye West’s debut of his controversial “Famous” music video, which features naked wax figures of various celebrities lying in bed together. After the show, Kim called Caitlyn, who’s depicted in the video, to let her know the presentation went great and that West had “broken the Internet.” Later, Kris Jenner admitted she was “speechless” watching the video, and while she enjoyed it, she didn’t understand why Caitlyn was included. Kim tried to explain that Caitlyn has played a major role in West’s life, but Kris was somewhat annoyed by that notion. Shortly later, Caitlyn called Kim and asked if she could help her pick out an outfit for the ESPYs, and Kim said she was happy to help.

Meanwhile, Kourtney told Scott Disick that she and the kids were taking a summer vacation without him for a few weeks. He told her he was unhappy about being away from his family for such a long time, but Kourtney felt it was best for him to stay home. Scott later admitted to Khloe he was feeling “anxious” about being away from Kourtney and the kids and didn’t want to get himself into trouble, despite having booked club appearances. “It’s hard to be on amazing behavior when you’re at a nightclub or at a party,” he noted. Khloe suggested he find another source of income, to which Scott acknowledged, “I could probably make money other ways that are healthier.” She added in a confessional that she was “worried” about him, adding, “In the past when Scott had down time he would book parties and club appearances and nothing good ever came out of that.”

Khloe later told everyone she was considering getting a boob job because her breasts got smaller as a result of losing weight. She then tried on fake silicone boobs to see what she’d look like with larger breasts, and posed for Kim while wearing the implants in her tank top, joking, “Oh my God, I’m finally you!” Kim said in a confessional, “Khloe looks beautiful no matter what. I love small boobs, but I’ve always had big boobs.” Kim then noted she wanted to work out with Khloe to show her sister the difficulties of exercising with larger breasts. But after the sisters saw their trainer, Khloe revealed in a confessional she enjoyed working out with the fake boobs, and believed it was worth getting a consultation to “see what my options are and see how serious I am about this whole boob job thing.”

Kim arrived at Caitlyn’s house to go through outfits for the ESPYs and help her get “the perfect look.” She and Caitlyn took a series of Instagram selfies while hanging out, and Kris later texted the photos to Khloe along with the hashtag, #NotLoyal.” Khloe later told Kim, “Mom is fuming,” over her helping to style Caitlyn,” adding, “She thinks you’re a traitor and she thinks you went against the family.” The two girls then called up their mom to get to the bottom of the situation. Kim asked, “Why are you pissed off at me?” to which an angry Kris explained, “Kim, you are a f***ing traitor. That you would have the nerve to go to help Caitlyn to pick a gown. Like, what is going on?” Kim tried to tell her mom Caitlyn was having a “fashion emergency” and she thought she and her ex were “all good,” but Kris insisted that wasn’t the case. “That’s what you don’t get,” Kris said. “I don’t say anything to you until I feel abandoned. And right now I’m feeling abandoned.”

Kim assured her mom she would “never abandon” her, but Kris insisted she did. Kim responded, “I truly didn’t think you would care. I’m just gonna try to stay neutral and not get involved.” But Kris got even more heated by that comment, saying, “I don’t want you to be neutral!” The momager began crying as she said, “From my children that I gave birth to, I want loyalty. I don’t want f***ing neutral. Neutral isn’t what I signed up for.” Kris continued, “I’m trying to be as gracious as I can. I’m trying to be as understanding as I can. I’m betrayed. I’ve been f***ed over on so many levels that your head would spin. I’m not going to play this game anymore!” Kim said in a confessional she had no idea her mom was so upset, and didn’t realize dressing Caitlyn would be such a big deal, but she “feels guilty” over the situation.

To make it up to her mom, Kim and Khloe took Kris out for lunch and shopping in Beverly Hills. “I would never want you to feel betrayed by your own daughter,” Kim told her mom, who admitted she “felt really bad about getting so angry.” Kris said she overreacted, but explained that going through her divorce from Caitlyn has been challenging, and she “just exploded.” After their heart-to-heart, Kris, Kim and Khloe were able to enjoy the rest of the day shopping together.


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