‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kim Testifies Against Paris Robbers

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap


On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian testified against the suspects in her Paris robbery. Get the full episode recap below.

This week’s episode opened where last week left off, with the Kardashian family confronting Scott Disick during dinner after discovering that he invited a random girl on their Costa Rican vacation. Scott admitted that he did in fact have a woman staying at his hotel, telling everyone, “I’m trying to do everything I can do to not [expletive] think about [Kourtney].” Kourtney, however, insisted he was being “disrespectful” to her, their kids and then entire family, but Scott responded, “We obviously never discussed boundaries ever.”

Kourtney further told Scott there’s “a level of respect and appropriateness that should just be known,” to which he said, “Obviously I did something wrong as always.” “Someone with any kind of integrity would never do something like that,” insisted Kris, but Scott said he was tired of “sleeping alone” and being “miserable.” “Stop playing the victim. You had your chance,” Kourtney told him. “You shouldn’t come on our family vacations if you can’t do four days without brining some random girl.” Scott shot back, “So let me [expletive] you then and I won’t have to do [expletive] like this!” Khloe asked, “You can’t go four days?” to which he shouted “No! I’m a horrible sex addict!” With that, Khloe threw a glass of water on Scott’s crotch and said, “If you need to get your [expletive] wet that badly, then get your [expletive] wet.” Kim and Kris proceeded to toss water at him as well.

As the Kardashian girls headed back to their resort laughing, an amused Kourtney admitted, “That actually made me feel better.” But the next day, Scott visited the family’s house and Khloe gave him a big hug. She admitted in a confessional, “It’s totally hard to stay mad at Scott, but also Scott and I were texting the whole night. He’s so remorseful and felt like a piece of [expletive], so we’re good.” He then joined the family to visit a volcano and everyone was able to put the situation behind them. “Scott’s so lucky because I am the coolest baby mama on the planet,” Kourtney said in a confessional. “But I just feel like I need to have a conversation with Scott just to finally say we will never be back together.”

Khloe later became annoyed with the family because she believed everyone was off doing their own thing and not spending enough time together on vacation. She explained to Kris, “Kylie and Tyga are locked away in their room. You and Corey [Gamble] are doing whatever you and Corey do. You don’t like to do any activities. Kim has her things… whatever.” But Kim took offense to the suggestion that she was isolating from the family “just because I was afraid of the whitewater rafting.” She added, “What’s the point of making it not fun for us to want to hang out with you if you’re always snappy?” “So no one hang out with me!” Khloe shot back. “Get away from me! ”

Kim responded, “Just don’t be snappy,” but Khloe said, “You’ve ruined my mood already today, so you guys can all get away from me!” Kourtney asked her sister, “Well, what can we do to have fun?” but Khloe snapped “I don’t know!” and called them an “ungrateful family.” An annoyed Kim then said, “See this what I can’t handle. You’re so annoying. You’re the negative one, just saying how awful we are. You’re like a big bully!” Khloe added in a confessional, “I want us to spend time together. How am I at fault for that and how is that a bad thing?” Kim felt bad following the fight, and later joined Khloe in the fitness room to spend “family time” together. At dinner that night, the family went around the table revealing their favorite part of the trip.

Kim flew to New York City where she spent the entire day testifying against her Paris robbers in front of a French judge. Recounting the experience to Kris Jenner over the phone, she noted, “It was just a really long thing because you have to explain it to a translator and then the translator has to explain it to the judge.” Kim added in a confessional, “Going in there, I was so worked up wanting to explain it so quickly and you just can’t do that. You just have to be really slow and walk through the entire night second by second and that was just really hard.”

Kim also revealed that she saw photos of all the men who robbed her, saying, “I think it was really interesting to see the faces of everyone. Just by their height and weight, I could tell who from this lineup was in the room with me. I was able to see who confessed. One of them was the guy that was in the room with me and it was very interesting to hear his story and it was pretty similar to my story.” She added, “Of course, there was a few things they’re not saying to get lesser charges, but they were pretty honest and did tell most of the story exactly like how it happened.” Kim also discovered during the hearing that the suspects “had been following me and attempted to rob me the last time I was in Paris,” but didn’t because husband Kanye West was with her at the time. “They had been following me from the year before… It’s just so scary to know that no matter what, this would have happened to me.” Kim finally admitted that the hearing would help her “prepare and protect myself even more in the future,” and then told her mom she was grateful to be “one step closer to it being over.”

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