‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kim Catches Scott Disick With Woman In Dubai

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap


On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian caught Scott Disick with another woman in his hotel room during a vacation in Dubai. Get the full episode recap below!

Early in the episode, Kim and Khloe asked Scott about his recent trip to Aspen with Kourtney and the kids, and he admitted, “It was the first trip I’ve had in a long time where we were actually a family.” He added in a confessional, “I feel like all that Kourtney ever wanted from me was for me to be sober and healthy and just be there to take care of my family. I’ve been really present and haven’t been drinking.” He went on to tell Kourtney’s sisters, “A year or so ago, I feel like there was a point where we didn’t even speak or see each other. So this feels good.” Scott also told Kim and Khloe that he thought “everything is going in the right direction” with Kourtney after their trip.

Kim then asked Scott if Kourtney knew about the ring he once bought her to propose that he ended up returning. Scott revealed that before returning the diamond, he had actually “asked [Kourtney] to marry” him with the ring. “It was really weird,” Scott recalled. “I don’t think we told anybody actually. It was somewhat cute and then we just got scared about like media and this and that and we were like, ‘Let’s just put the ring aside and we’ll talk about it another day.’ Never spoke about it again.” “That’s strange,” remarked Khloe.

Caitlyn Jenner visited her daughter Kendall and revealed that the barn she built for her and her sister, Kylie, had been completed. The two then called Kylie on the phone and invited her to go horseback riding with them, and the three set a plan to go riding. But when Kylie didn’t show up, Caitlyn spent a large chunk of time talking to her on Facetime, which made Kendall resentful. The model noted in a confessional that she felt like her dad was taking her for granted, and she later rode away on her horse as Caitlyn called after her.

Later, Kim revealed she was going on a trip to Dubai to make her first major public appearance since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris. “To say that I’m nervous is an understatement,” Kim said in a confessional, further adding that she was bringing an entire security team with her on the trip, as well as Scott and a group of other friends. When they arrived in Dubai, Scott heard a rumor from a friend that Kourtney was hooking up with another guy back in Los Angeles. He later texted Kim to find out more about the situation, but she didn’t have any details. Scott also called Kourtney to confront her, but she denied the rumor. Kim later told her friends about the issue between Scott and Kourtney, noting, “They’re not together, but I’m sure he’s hurt.” She added, “The thing is, he’s trying to win her back.”

Kim started getting nervous during a shopping excursion when a large group of photographers and fans gathered outside of the store. “Are you nervous about that crowd?” asked her friend Jen Atkin, to which Kim responded, “Yeah,” further noting in a confessional, “This is just kind of what I was kind of afraid of, is just this feeling of panic.” She continued, “With so many people gathering and then they start social media like, ‘Kim’s at the mall, she’s here.’ And then other people will know exactly where I’m at. It gives me such anxiety.” Kim and her entourage ended up leaving out a back exit to avoid the large waiting outside.

Back in Los Angeles, Kendall finally confronted Caitlyn when she started talking about Kylie while the two of them were hanging out. The former Olympian understood her daughter’s position, and explained that she gets “pretty insecure sometimes with all the kids,” but assured Kendall, “You’ve been great with the horses and I appreciate you coming.” The model said in a confessional, “I’m really glad my dad acknowledged what she was doing and I do realize that she’s had a little bit of a struggle bonding with all of the kids. I hope that now we can just hang out and enjoy our time together.”

In Dubai, Kim revealed that hotel security texted her and said Scott is drunk at the hotel. She called Kourtney to tell her the situation, but her sister said, “Not my problem anymore.” Kim guessed he probably started drinking because he heard about Kourtney hanging out with another man, but Kourtney told her sister, “I’m not taking him back.” Kim then insisted she be more clear about that to Scott, and added in a confessional, “I think that Kourtney can look like she’s giving mixed messages for sure… I just feel so bad for him.”

When Kim later arrived at Scott’s hotel room to pick him up for their desert trip, one of her friends noticed a purse in the room. “What the f**k? Like this cannot be,” Kim said in a confessional. “Something is up. Scott is like pacing and something came over me that I was like, ‘He has a fu**ing girl hiding somewhere and we’re gonna find her.”” Scott then shouted, “Alright let’s go,” but told him she was going downstairs to take a picture of the aquarium in his hotel suite, but she really went to search for the mystery girl. One of Scott’s friends told Kim, “It’s a mess down there,” but she continued walking downstairs anyway. Scott became extremely stressed, before admitting to one of the producer’s, “There’s a girl downstairs.” He then muttered to himself, “I’m gonna have heart attack. This is going to be really awkward.”

As Kim began to enter Scott’s room, one his friends said, “Don’t go in there,” but she kept walking. There was no one in the room, so Kim yelled, “Do you think we should go bang down the bathroom door and see what fu**ing whore is in there?!” After discovering a girl hiding in Scott’s bathroom, Kim yelled, “What the f**k are you doing here? Seriously, you’re just like a fu**ing whore. Get your sh*t and security will escort you the f**k out of here!” To be continued…

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