‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Khloe And Rob End Feud Over Blac Chyna

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap Khloe Rob

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap Khloe Rob


Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian finally ended their feud over his relationship with Blac Chyna on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Get the full recap below!

As the episode began, Scott invited Khloe to his birthday party in Las Vegas and insisted he wanted her to go even though Kourtney might not make it, and Khloe agreed she would. Later, Kris tagged along to exercise with Kourtney’s personal trainer, but she had trouble keeping up with her daughter’s rigorous workout routine. The momager ended up hurting her leg, but Scott consoled her as she laid on the couch with an ice pack over her knee. “Everyone loves you as you are,” Scott assured Kris. “Don’t think you need to try to keep up with [your daughters]. They’re psychotic.” He added, “You look beautiful. You’re the hottest 60-year-old on the planet, that’s a known fact.” But Scott went on to remind Kris that despite “looking 40,” she’s older than her daughters and shouldn’t expect to workout as intensely as they do.

Khloe later told Kourtney that she had once again refiled for divorce from Lamar Odom, but noted, “Regardless of our marital status, I will still help him.” But as far as their binding marriage goes, Khloe said, “How long am I going to sit in this for? This is ridiculous.” She added in a confessional, “It’s still bittersweet. I was holding out to help Lamar, but Lamar’s not helping himself… I will always love Lamar, but it’s time for me to start the next chapter of my life.”

Kourtney admitted to Khloe and Kris that she was hesitant to attend Scott’s birthday party in Las Vegas. She noted in a confessional, “I’m so happy that Scott and I are getting along so well and that we’re co-parenting, but she felt “hanging out without the kids” might her ex the wrong impression that they might get back together. She later told Kim she doesn’t want to “send the wrong message” by going to Scott’s party, but decided to go because “Khloe needs a fun night out” amid her divorce drama.

Kris later spoke to Khloe about her issues with Rob, saying, “You guys haven’t seen each other in such a long time and it makes me really sad.” Khloe agreed, saying, “It’s so weird that we don’t talk,” adding in a confessional, “Rob and I grew up inseparable… I’m really missing his support.” She told her mom, “You would think with him starting a family, he would want to talk about stuff,” and Kris responded, “I hate to see my kids in this place.” As far as Khloe’s situation with Lamar, Kim told her she supports her decision to file for divorce and thinks it’s best for everyone.

In Las Vegas, Scott continuously made jokes about wanting to have sex with Kourtney during the trip. After Kourtney rejected his playful advances for a kiss on the dance floor, he turned to his friends and said, “I’ll get her. I’ll break her down.” Scott later asked his ex, “You want to make out?” but Kourtney once again denied Scott’s come on, despite being amused by the proposition. “I’m so happy Scott and I are getting along so well and just being silly,” Kourtney admitted on-camera.

Kris decided to sit down with Rob to discuss some of the family’s concerns about him lately, telling him it’s “amazing” he’s engaged and soon to become a father, “but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be close to all of us.” Rob agreed, but noted, “You all aren’t that welcoming of this relationship… It’s not that easy.” But Kris further explained, “Having a baby is one of the most amazing things that can happen to you in your life… Let’s us share that journey with you. It’s nice if you still have a bond with your family, because we all love you so much.”

Kris especially wanted Rob to reconcile with Khloe, and for the two siblings to be “OK and happy and connected” again. “It’s your sister,” she told him, going on to note that Khloe was having a tough year “going through the Lamar stuff” and “couldn’t need her family more than she does.” Kris insisted that Rob “make the first move” to patch things up with his sister, to which he said, “I get it. I’ll reach out to Khloe.” Rob then called up Khloe, who answered her phone by saying, “No f**king way. Who the f**k is this?’” And when Rob confirmed that it was indeed him on the line, an ecstatic Khloe yelled, “No f**king way!!! You finally called me!” Rob asked if they could get together, and Khloe was very excited to meet up.

The next day, Khloe visited Rob and joked, “I get dressed up for you,” as she approached him in the backyard. The two embraced with a hug, but she insisted he “use two hands” when he at first went in with one arm. Rob was a bit quiet when the two first sat down to talk, so his sister told him “don’t be weird,” but the two eventually agreed they need to make up. “You and I had such a close relationship,” Khloe told her brother, before admitting she needs to be more accepting of Blac Chyna. “I would like to be there for you,” Rob assured his sister, adding, “I just want everyone to be happy. We’ll get everyone together.”


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