‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Khloe Learns Baby’s Gender

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Kardashians Recap Khloe Baby Gender

By Andrew Shuster |

Kardashians Recap Khloe Baby Gender


On the season finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian learned the gender of her baby. Meanwhile, Kim introduced the family to her surrogate, and the girls went on a sisters getaway to San Francisco before the arrival of their babies. Get the full recap below!

Early in the show, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe decided to take a “fun sister trip” to San Francisco to spend time together before Kim and Khloe welcome newborn babies. When they got to the hotel, Kim and Khloe sat around in the common area while Kourtney took a long time getting ready in her room. Khloe angrily asked, “What is she doing?” After Kourtney finally strolled in, Khloe barked, “I’m being serious. You need to figure out your life.”

Kourtney tried to explain that she was on the phone with her friend, but Khloe didn’t care, adding, “We’ve been waiting for you for 30 minutes.” She continued, “You’re always like this and we’re just waiting for you and waiting for you. It’s crazy.” Kourtney didn’t appreciate her sister’s outburst, but Khloe called her “selfish” and further insisted, “I don’t wanna go on trips if this is how you are every time.”

Later, Khloe criticized Kourtney for being on her phone while taking a tour of the famous Alcatraz prison. Khloe asked her sister why she bothered to come on the trip if she’s going to stare at her phone, but Kourtney snapped back, “I’m looking at everything.” Khloe added, “You’re just not present. We’re only here once. When are we ever gonna go back to Alcatraz?” The tension escalated when the sisters began throwing expletives and insults back and forth.

Later in the trip, Khloe thanked Kim and Kourtney for joining her in San Francisco, adding, “Even though we had our ups and downs.” Kourtney agreed that no family vacation would be complete “without a little fighting between sisters.” In the end, the sisters agreed they love going on getaways, despite sometimes getting on each other’s nerves.

Khloe later told Kim she “has such anxiety” over finding out the gender of her baby, admitting that she’s hoping for a boy. Since she was still in San Francisco, Khloe had Kylie Jenner visit the doctor for her to find out the DNA results. Kylie called and broke the news that the baby will be a girl. Somewhat disappointed, Khloe responded, “I was convinced I was having a boy.”

Khloe called up Kris to tell her the news, and the momager exclaimed, “That is so amanzing!” Khloe, however, admitted she was sure the baby was going to be male. “I’m really hoping Kylie is going to say she’s lying and that I’m having a boy,” she told her mom. Kris assured her she’s going to adore her baby regardless of its gender. Khloe agreed, adding, “I know Tristan [Thompson] and I will totally be in love.”

Back in Los Angeles, Kourtney sat Scott down to set some boundaries in their relationship. “I feel like sometimes, because this was your house, you walk in like it still is,” she told her ex. She was especially annoyed about a time he had wandered into her bedroom. Scott said he understood that Kourtney’s bedroom is “a private place,” but Kourtney argued he doesn’t always respect that fact. “There’s obviously some boundaries that we both need to respect and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable,” Scott said. “I get it. All things are understandable in this co-parenting life.”

Khloe later called Kim to tell her she revealed the baby’s gender to Tristan by decorating their house with pink balloons. “It will be so cute to have a little girl in the stands rooting for her dad,” Khloe said in a confessional. Kim added that she’s excited for her forthcoming daughter to be best friends with Khloe’s girl. As the episode ended, Kim brought her surrogate to the family’s home and introduced her to her mom and all of her sisters for the first time.

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