Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap: Khloe Kardashian Supports Lamar Odom Following Overdose

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KUWTK Recap January 31 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

KUWTK Recap January 31 2016


Khloe Kardashian learned about Lamar Odom overdosing at a Nevada brothel on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Get the full recap below.

The 11th episode of Season 11, titled “The Great Kris,” opened with Kim and Khloe talking about what Kim was planning for her upcoming birthday, but Kim said she wanted to do “nothing,” explaining that being pregnant and taking care of a young child has her exhausted. The sisters did, however, meet with party planners to organize Kris’s 60th birthday. The two girls then met with Kourtney and they all decided they would recreate a video that their dad Robert had made for Kris more than 20 years ago.

Kim later broke the news to Khloe that Scott Disick would be going to rehab, and he seemed motivated to get sober. But a skeptical Khloe told her sister, “I hope he stays and actually does the treatment.” They two girls then went on to speculate that Kourtney was “over it” and wanted to “keep her distance” from Disick. Khloe further said in a confessional, “Scott has gone to rehab so many times, so this time, who knows?”

The episode then picked up two weeks later, following Odom overdosing, and a title card on screen explained that the show stopped filming for a couple of weeks during Odom’s coma and recovery. Kourtney and Kris discussed his current condition, and Kris said he had been transferred from a Las Vegas hospital to a local one in Los Angeles. In a confessional, Kourtney explained, “Khloe has been spending every second in the hospital with Lamar by his side.” Kris then told her daughter that they should visit as often as they can, saying, “I think him hearing our voices and seeing us and having family around is healthy and might make a difference.”

Kanye West threw a surprise birthday party for Kim, and got fake baby bumps for all the guests. Kourtney explained in a confessional, “Kanye asked everybody to dress like Kim and put on a fake baby bump so she’d feel more comfortable, and I think Kim is going to love it.” Kylie and Kendall were also rocking baby bumps, and when Caitlyn arrived at the party, Kylie exclaimed, “Dad, you should be pregnant, too!” Kris cracked up at the suggestion, laughing, “This is the best idea ever.” And although Kim didn’t want a party, she ended up having a great time. Unfortunately, Khloe couldn’t attend the party as she remained by Odom’s bedside.

During the party, Kylie hung out with with her dad and asked, “What do you feel like is a good age to have kids?” Caitlyn suggested 30, but Kylie shot back, “I feel like 30’s too late!” She then noted, “Every psychic said I’m only going to have two kids.” Caitlyn responded, “When you have one, you might as well have two. And you want your kids close together. That’s why we had you. You might as well have two so they have so they have somebody to grow up with.” Caitlyn then joked to her daughter, “If I’m going to get to my 30 grandkids, you gotta have at least three. 30 grandchildren I think would be perfect.”

The next day, Kim and Kourtney met again to discuss making a video for their mom’s birthday. Kim told the camera that they almost considered canceling the celebration in light of Odom’s situation, but she noted, “Deep down, I know Lamar would want us to have this party.” The girls then attempted to write lyrics for a song they would sing to their mom in the video, but they had trouble coming up with what to say.

At the end of the episode, all of the sisters except for Khloe met in a studio to record the birthday song for their mom, but they felt bad Khloe couldn’t join them. After listening to the song, Kim and Khloe decided they needed to re-record their parts because they sounded “awful” compared to Kendall and Kylie. The girls both laughed about their lack of musical abilities as they went back into the recording booth.


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