‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kris Jenner Schedules Family Communication Therapy

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KUWTK Recap January 24

By Andrew Shuster |

KUWTK Recap January 24


Kris Jenner scheduled a family meeting with a communication therapist to deal with her daughters constantly being on their phones on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Get the full recap below!

The 10th episode of Season 11, titled “Miscommunication,” opened with Kris telling Kourtney Kardashian about the scary phone call they had with Scott Disick on last week’s episode in which he sounded suicidal. Kim then added she had gotten a text just the night before that Disick was drunk at a nightclub. “I think Scott put himself in the situation that he’s in,” Kourtney said in a confessional. “It’s really about him deciding what kind of life he wants to live.”

Khloe and Kim later had a conversation about how her book “Strong Looks Better Naked” was coming along. Khloe admitted she was struggling and stressed out about finishing the book in time for its release date. “I just want it done, I want it out of my way,” Khloe told her sister. Khloe further said in a confessional, “I have put so much work into this book… I had no idea how draining writing a book is.”

Kim and husband Kanye West are still living with Kris as their home is still undergoing construction. Conflict arose when Kim discovered her mom took the marble slabs that were meant for her house. Kris, however, insisted she only took six of the slabs, but Kim accused her of using all 10 that she was counting on for West’s bathroom, and has the invoice to prove it. “You’re charging me for the marble?!” a shocked Kris asked. “Absolutely!” replied Kim. Kris said in a confessional that she was frustrated because her and Kim had a lack of communication about the marble.

Later, Kris told Khloe and Kim as they played with their phones, “I want to set up a meeting with this communications professional to go over always being on our phones. And I found this really great person that Kourtney actually knows.” Kim asked, “Wait, a meeting about always being on our phones?”An equally confused Khloe exclaimed, “Yeah, what?” Kris explained, “You’re never not on your phone. I think we’re missing a lot of great moments with each other.” But Kim shot back that meeting with a communications therapist was “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” Meanwhile, Khloe pointed out to her mom, “I’m always the one that tells you, ‘Put your phone down, we’re at dinner!’” Kris further said in a confessional, “I’m so sick and tired of them not listening and having Khloe tell me to cancel events. As her manager, it’s not professional. So I decided to let Kourtney set us up with her friend Erica. A communications meeting is going to be a great tool for them to be in a moment, pay attention, and not yell at me anymore.” Kim and Khloe both agreed to attend the meeting, but neither was thrilled about it.

Kourtney visited Kylie’s new house to discuss throwing a housewarming party, even though Kylie insisted she wanted to plan it herself. However, Kourtney suggested “flowers on your table and we need to light all the candles… a slide from your hill going into the pool.” Kourtney admitted to her younger sister, “I’m living my life through you. We need to get the dogs [and] have them go on a vacation for the day.” But Kylie rejected the idea, saying, “I just wanted simplicity. And I just kinda wanted to do it my way.” Kourtney responded, ““But my way is the best way.” Kylie later complained in a confessional, “I don’t how many times I have to say, ‘I’m grown now. I’m 18. I can handle this on my own.’” Kylie later got her way and threw a small housewarming party just for the immediate family, and Kourtney admitted she was “so proud” of her sister and realized she should let her sister be more independent. The party, however, ended with Khloe and Kourtney having a food fight.

The communications therapist met with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, but Kris ironically forgot to tell the girls she had to go to Paris, and so she couldn’t attend the session. For their exercise, the therapist had all of the girls go around and say something that they appreciate about each other. After the session, Kim and Khloe talked about their annoyance with Kris for not showing up to the group therapy she had booked in the first place. They decided to teach their mom a lesson by testing her communication skills in a more unusual way. The girls first made her sit in a dunk tank where she would be asked a series of questions about her kids, and if she answered incorrectly, the momager would be hit with water balloons.

Kim asked her mom the date she was due to give birth, but matriarch got it wrong, and a water balloon was dropped on her head. “This is not a fun game,” yelled Kris. “I don’t want to play this anymore.” The girls then brought out cream pies for round two. Kim asked North’s middle name, to which Kris guessed “South.” She was wrong, and got pie, frosting and sprinkles thrown in her face. Kim noted to her mom that North doesn’t even have a middle name. “Only my kids would put me through this kind of torture, and love it this much,” Kris said in a confessional. Kris was then asked how many years the DASH store has been open. Jenner answered “six,” which resulted in more pie on her face, because the correct answer is 11 years. “Ok, I’ll go to the next meeting!” Kris pleaded to her daughters while covered in pie and soaked with water.


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