‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kris Jenner Urges Khloe Kardashian To Get Breast Cancer Test

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KUWTK Recap Breast Cancer

By Andrew Shuster |

KUWTK Recap Breast Cancer


Kris Jenner urged all of her daughters to get tested for breast cancer on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” but Khloe Kardashian wasn’t on board with the idea. Get the full recap below.

The ninth episode of Season 11, titled “Fear of the Unknown,” featured Kris asking her daughters to get a BRCA test because they have a history of cancer in the family. She first explained the DNA test to Kim and Kourtney, saying, “You give them a little bit of blood… and they can see if you’re predisposed to cancer.” Kris further said in a confessional, “It would be great if my kids would get tested to see if they carry any of the genes for cancer, because if [they do] then at least we can be prepared and do something about.” Both Kim and Kourtney agreed, however, Khloe was firmly against the test.

Kourtney later posed nude for a photo shoot with Brian Bowen Smith, who used the nude portraits for his “Metallic Life” exhibit at the De Re Gallery in Los Angeles. At the beginning of the shoot, Kourthey first expressed concern over her butt being too small, saying, “I feel like my ass disappeared when I lost weight. We need to plump it up.” Bowen assured her, “If you’re not blown away by your picture, then it means we didn’t do it right.” The photographer added, “You’ll be pleasantly surprised how nice your ass is going to look. We want to make your sisters jealous.” Kourtney then posed for a handful of sexy photos, and she was very happy with the way they came out. Smith then joked, “So much for no ass.”

Kendall admitted to Kylie that she was struggling with Caitlyn’s transition. She told her sister, “I miss doing.. the boyish things like dirt biking. I don’t know, like adventurous things.” Kendall added, “I feel like you guys bond so well ’cause you’re super into makeup, and I’m obviously not as into makeup as you.” Kylie then urged her older sister to “just talk to her,” but Kendall responded, “I don’t want to hurt her feelings.” She further explained in a confessional, “I’m so happy that my dad is at a place where she’s really happy and she’s comfortable with everything, and I don’t want to be the one to kind of get in the way of that.”

Kris later told Khloe to “to get on our bandwagon and try and get this DNA test done,” but Khloe responded, “Mom, I don’t want to at this point. I don’t really care. A frustrated Kris told her daughter, “It’s unacceptable for you to have this technology at your fingertips and not go out and utilize that so that it might save your life one day.” But Khloe once again said she didn’t care, prompting Kris to yell, “You don’t care that you could possibly get breast cancer?” Khloe fired back, “Fact: I’m going to die. You’re going to die. We’re all going to die.” Jenner retorted, “Do you want to die when you’re 30 or do you want to die when you’re 85?” Again, Kardashian shouted, “I don’t care!”

Khloe revealed in a confessional that the reason she didn’t want to get tested was because her late dad Robert’s condition seemed to worsen once he was diagnosed with cancer, and so she’d rather not know. But Kris expressed she was “very disappointed” that Khloe wouldn’t get the test for the sake of her family. However, Khloe finally agreed to get the tests done after receiving a phone call from Kris’s mother Mary Jo, a cancer survivor. She said in a confessional that she didn’t want her grandmother “to have to worry about me… I’m totally fine taking the test for MJ.”

All of the girls later went to the doctor to get their test results, and much to their delight, all tested “negative” for the gene that could lead to breast cancer.

After Kylie informed Caitlyn that Kendall was having a tough time with her transition, Caitlyn visited her daughter to talk. Caitlyn promised Kendall that they could still do all of the fun things they used to do before Caitlyn’s transition, and that she’d make an effort to find more time to spend with her.

Khloe called Kim to let her know that Scott Disick had sent her a scary text message that said, “I just can’t take it anymore.” Khloe then called Disick with Kim listening in and he sounded out of it. He began crying and and started mumbling, “I just can’t do this.” A scared Kim told her mom, “Call the police. We need to call the police.” Kris told Khloe to get Disick to tell her his location, but he wasn’t able to answer. Instead, he said, “[Kourtney] doesn’t love me anymore… My life is officially over and I just wanted to let you know.” Khloe responded, “Listen we can fix your life.” Kris then called Chris Reda, Disick’s good friend who was with him in New York, where Disick was calling from. Reda was able to check in on Disick at his hotel and take care of him. Kris later said in a confessional, “Thank god we know where [Scott] is and that Chris is there.” But she further said that he had “hit rock bottom” and needed to come back home and get help.


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