‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kardashian Sisters Take New York

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap


The Kardashian sisters headed to New York City, where Kendall and Kylie Jenner participated in Fashion Week, and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney launched her new app, on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Get the full recap below!

The eighth episode of Season 11, titled “The Big Launch,” began with Kourtney telling Kim and Khloe that her app that’s supposed to launch alongside theirs isn’t ready yet. Kourtney’s sisters were both annoyed that he app wouldn’t launch in New York on time.

Kim sat down Kylie and gave her a lecture before taking the stage at Kanye West’s upcoming New York Fashion Week show, because Kylie has a reputation for being difficult at events. Kim first revealed in an on-camera confessional, “I get nervous. I’ve been hearing things, like Kylie makes people wait because she’s on her phone, or if she’s at photo shoots, she brings a ton of friends.”

Kim then told Kylie, who spends most of the conversation looking down at her phone that because West is a “perfectionist” and it’s a “really big deal to do a second show.” She further added in a confessional, “I just want Kylie to know that just because Kanye is family, this isn’t a casual situation.” She then told Kylie, “I just want you to be [professional],” who was slightly annoyed and responded, “I know, I will.”

Kris lectured Kourtney about her app not being ready in time for the New York launch. Kourtney explained that she was pregnant while working on the project, and also had a lot going on in her life. Kris, however, was not satisfied with her daughter’s excuses.

Khloe couldn’t contain her excitement about the New York trip, saying in a confessional, “This is one of the craziest weeks that you could be in New York City… I used to love doing Fashion Week with my sisters, and now I get to do it with two more sisters, so it’s that much more fun!” In the car ride from the airport, Khloe joked to Kylie and Tyga, “You guys, why don’t we just have a threesome, and then like have our own — what can our name be?” Tyga suggested “Khloga,” prompting Kardashian to saym “Should we just date, and [Kylie] can just date someone else?”

Later at lunch, Kim and Kourtney got into a bit of a spat over how Kourtney should go about explaining why her app isn’t ready. Kourtney suggested that at the launch, she should just say she was occupied with her pregnancy, but Kim told her not to make “excuses,” and that plenty of people juggle kids and work, adding, “You’re not special.”

Kim then visited her friend Jonathan Cheban’s apartment, and told asked him drop off her urine sample at the doctor’s office for pregnancy-related testing. “Are f**king sick?!” he asked Kardashian. “You want me to go walk around with your piss?!” Kardashian assured him “No one will ever know,” but he shot back, “That is disgusting. I won’t even hold my own piss.”But Cheban caved and Kim got her way, saying “Let me just pee, and I’ll conceal it, and see if you even feel the warmth.”

While most of the girls attend a party to celebrate Kylie’s Galore magazine cover, Tyga asked Kylie if she wanted to go to a different club. When Kylie then announced to her sisters that she was leaving, Khloe insisted she stay, saying, “I never go out. I only came for you.” Khloe went on to tell her little sister, “Kylie, that’s f**ked up.”

Scott Disick was staying at Kourtney’s house and watching their three kids while Kourtney was away in New York. At one point, Kourtney spoke to 3-year-old Penelope on the phone, who then asked her mom, “Do you want to talk to daddy?” At first, Kourtney was unsure how to answer, but then told her young daughter that she had already spoke to him. Khloe told her sister that she handled the situation well. Later at dinner, a friend asked Kourtney if she wanted Disick back in her life, to which she answered, “Not right now.”

All five sisters attended the launch of the Kardashian/Jenner apps, and participated in a panel to explain their products. The girls explained that their apps would be personal to each of their personalities, with advice about fashion, motherhood and other things.

Finally, all the girls attended West’s New York Fashion Week show, where Kylie walked the runway. Later, the sisters went out to lunch with a large group of friends to celebrate.


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