Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap: Kris Jenner Celebrates 60th Birthday With Family

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KUWTK Recap Kris Birthday

By Andrew Shuster |

KUWTK Recap Kris Birthday


Kris Jenner celebrated her 60th birthday with a lavish 1920’s-themed party on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Get the full recap below!

The twelfth episode of Season 11, titled “Family First,” began with Kim saying in a confessional, “This week is birthday week of hell, because every day is a different birthday.” She was referring to Kendall, Caitlyn and Lamar Odom also having birthdays that week, in addition to Kris. Khloe then gave Kim and Kourtney an update about Odom’s health status following his overdose, noting that he was slowly improving. Khloe also admitted that she had been spending almost every day for the past few weeks by Odom’s bedside.

The sisters then discussed their plans for Kris’s birthday party, and Kim said that their mom “knows about the party, just not all of the details.” Kim later revealed to Kris that the girls had planned a “Great Gatsby” theme with all of the guests decked out in “1920’s glam, black-tie.” Kris exclaimed, “I love that theme!” and then joked, “I’m excited, and really old.”

Kendall revealed to Kylie that she would be making her runway debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and Kylie suggested that she and Caitlyn come support her. “Um, I mean yeah,” a hesitant Kendall replied. “I’m still, like, figuring all of that out.” Kendall further explained in a confessional, “I’m just trying to be professional, so to have my whole family sitting there, it’s a media frenzy.” Kim, however, later told Caitlyn at a lunch for her 66th birthday about Kendall’s big runway show, without knowing that her little sister didn’t want her dad to know about the event.

All of the sisters got together to make a special birthday music video for their mom, but while they were shooting a scene where all of the girls sing in a convertible, Kylie became distracted and upset when she learned that Kendall had invited Tyga to her 20th birthday party, because she and Tyga had just gotten into a fight. Kylie ran off crying, which annoyed Khloe, who pointed out that all of the sisters were “going through things,” but they’re sucking it up to make Kris’s birthday video.

Later, Kris told Kim she was mad at her for inviting Caitlyn to Kendall’s runway show, but Kim didn’t understand what the issue was, noting, “It’s her dad, and she should go to something like that.” Kris disagreed, saying, “She doesn’t want one person there.” Kim then pointed out that Kris herself would be there, but the momager explained, “I’m gonna be backstage with Kendall. This is something we’ve been working on since day one… She doesn’t want anybody to sit in the front row.” Kris became angrier, and said, “You opened your big mouth when I said, ‘Please don’t say a word to anyone!’” Kim explained, “I thought her dad should know she is fulfilling one of her life-long dreams,” prompting Kris to say, “No, and that’s why I’ll never tell you anything again like that. She wants this to be about her. She doesn’t want one of us to take attention away. If Caitlyn goes and sits in the f***ing audience of a televised show… Kendall will kill herself.”

While she and her sisters were getting made-up for Kris’s party, an angry Kendall called her dad to confront her about the fashion show. She began, “I’m very mad at you about something… Did you have your publicist announce that you were going?” Kendall added, “Because I don’t know how everyone knows and now it’s a huge story and I’m actually pissed at you.” Kendall then shouted, “You’re going to take the biggest night of my life and take it away from me?… You can come to the f***ing after-party!” In a confessional, Kendall explained, “A lot of people assume I get jobs from my family, but it’s actually kind of the opposite. It made me have to work even harder to get what I wanted.” Kendall told Khloe and Kylie that she feared Caitlyn would upstage her now that she’s transitioned, saying, “No one would of cared that Bruce was there, everyone is going to care that Caitlyn is going to be there.”

Kris’s big night arrived and hundreds of her friends and family members got decked out in 1920’s clothing to celebrate. Kanye West arrived in a velvet suit, while other celebrity attendees included Boy George, Randy Jackson and Melanie Griffith. During the party, Khloe was asked about Odom by every person she ran into, and she admitted in a confessional that she was trying to enjoy herself and take her mind off the situation. Later in the night, the girls got up on stage and showed the music video they made for Kris, which brought their mom to tears. She said in a confessional, “This is so cute, and creative and funny. The fact that they took the time, and the thought that went into that. Oh my god.” The night ended with Kris making a speech to thank all of her guests for attending, but Khloe cut off Kris in the middle of her speech to bring West and musician Charlie Wilson on stage to perform. “I was happy to see Khloe having the best time and back in her element,” Kourtney said in a confessional. And Kris concluded to the camera that her 60th birthday party was a reminder of “how beautiful life can be.”


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