‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Drama Follows Family On St. Barts Vacation

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KUWTK Recap December 20 2015

By Andrew Shuster |

KUWTK Recap December 20 2015


The Kardashian family traveled to St. Barts on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” but unfortunately, drama followed the women on what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation. Here’s the full recap!

The sixth episode of Season 11, titled “Non-Bon Voyage,” picked up shortly after last week’s episode when Kris Jenner got into a huge argument with Kim and Khloe because she gave Khloe’s new phone number to ex-husband Lamar Odom.

Kim continued to yell at Kris, saying, “Her talking to Lamar and you saying, ‘Lamar deserves a second chance,’ that is so wrong. That’s being a bad mother.” The matriarch was taken aback, and responded, “What else do you want to call me? I would never speak to somebody the way you speak to anybody.” Kim fired back, “It’s the truth, and the truth hurts,” to which Kris responded, “No, your words hurt.” The fight erupted to a point where Kris decided she would no longer be going on the planned vacation to St. Barts.

Meanwhile, Kylie joined her dad, Caitlyn, on outing to the race track, but Kylie bailed shortly after Kendall showed up. An upset Kendall said in a confessional, “I actually can’t believe that Kylie’s leaving right now, just ’cause we never get to spend time with each other…. and to have a moment to spend time with your dad and your sister, I would take it.” Caitlyn was also concerned about her daughter’s sudden exit, and asked, “What’s the deal with Kylie?” Kendall explained that her sister probably wanted to “go back to being with her friends and doing whatever,” adding, “She doesn’t have her priorities straight. It’s nothing that we had done.”

Later, Kris spoke with boyfriend Corey Gamble about her hesitation to go with her kids to St. Barts following all of the arguments with them, but Gamble convinced her she should go, saying that the vacation would help mend the family’s problems.

All the girls arrived to the island where they checked into a luxurious villa, but soon after arriving, Kim admitted in a confessional to still being “pissed” at Kris, and saying she would “keep [her] distance” during the trip. The supposedly all-girls getaway then took a weird turn when Kim informed Kendall that Kylie would be bringing along boyfriend Tyga on the trip. Kendall got upset, telling her sister, “[Kylie] could’ve taken this time to be with [her] family.”

While trying to enjoy herself, Kourtney was sent Instagram photos of Scott Disick hanging out and partying with random girls. Kim noted in a confessional, “This is the first trip without Scott and he’s still causing a problem. I just hope it doesn’t ruin the trip.”

Meanwhile, all of the sisters were riding jet skis and surfboards but Kylie was on the boat relaxing with Tyga. Kendall told her other siblings, “She has to make an effort to be with us and bringing your boyfriend on vacation is not making an effort to be with us.” Kim agreed, adding, “It was specifically a girls trip and we had said that.”

Khloe became distressed when she found out that Odom had sat down for an interview with a magazine and revealed that he was still in love with her. Khloe admitted in a confessional that she still cared about Odom, but that she had given him many chances and he always let her down. But on a bright note, Khloe also began to forgive Kris and admitted that she had been acting hard on her mom.

Kim warmed up to her mom again as well when all of the girls ate dinner together later that night. Both women started to understand where each other were coming from in regards to the Odom situation, and agreed to handle things better going forward. But the episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Kourtney discovering even more photos of Disick cavorting with other women.


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