‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Season 13 Premiere Recap

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Season 13 Premiere Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Keeping Up With Kardashians Season 13 Premiere Recap


The Season 13 premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” featured Kourtney struggling with Scott Disick’s behavior, Khloe keeping Kim in the dark about her new relationship, and much more. Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode began, Kourtney and Khloe traveled to Miami, where they planned to check in on their Dash store and also attend Kanye West’s concert. Scott crashed the girls’ dinner with their friends, and Kourtney became visibly uncomfortable by his presence. “I really do enjoy hanging out with Scott with the kids, but when we’re doing things socially, I don’t really know how to act,” she said in a confessional. While a loud Scott held court at the table, Kourtney added to the camera, “He can be a little bit obnoxious, and when I’m in Miami trying to have fun with my friends, I don’t want him bringing me down.”

Later that night, Khloe opened up to Kourtney about her new relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, with whom she had just traveled to Mexico. However, she wanted to mostly keep tight-lipped about her boyfriend, noting in a confessional, “Right now my relationship is really new and I want to keep it close to my heart and not shout everything from the rooftops.” Khloe told her sister to also stay quiet about the situation, saying, “I’m very choosy with who I share my dating life with.”

Kim joined the girls in Miami the next day, and immediately told Khloe she had seen paparazzi pictures of her on vacation in Mexico with a mystery man and others. “Who is this crew?” she asked her sister, who coyly responded, “Just friends.” Kim explained in a confessional. “I see pictures of Khloe with some NBA player, and even though I know not to believe everything on the internet, Khloe and an NBA player do go hand in hand.” She added, “It’s my sister, obviously I want to know who she’s hooking up with.” Kim further told Khloe, “It’s wild that I have to see pictures of you online and you don’t say one thing.” Khloe explained in a confessional that she and Kourtney “tell each other literally everything,” but Kim becomes intense and overly inquisitive when it comes to her sisters’ love lives, so they choose “not to tell Kim anything unless we want to tell her every last detail.”

Kim later told her sisters that a major department store had offered to buy Dash and wanted to open new locations, but they’d have to shut down the stores in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Kourtney was against the idea and wanted to concentrate on the locations they already had, but both Kim and Khloe said they would override her vote. “Kourtney is delusional. I think that the store is really past putting all this money into,” Kim said in a confessional. “We need to close these stores and Kourtney has to get on board with it.”

Later that night, Khloe flipped out on Kourtney for refusing to sell the stores, arguing that she wasn’t willing to put the work in to maintain the current locations. “I just really think that our store is more than a business,” Kourtney told her sister, who yelled, “We’re getting rid of the stores Kourtney!” The next day, Kourtney told Kim privately she didn’t want to sell Dash because “it’s sentimental,” adding, “After dad passed away, having Dash gave us something to do together as sisters and we should really keep our stores.” Kim told her sister she understood, but felt she “should be open to other options.”

When they got back home to Los Angeles, Scott told Kourtney, “Overall Miami was good, but I feel like it’s kind of awkward sometimes, me and you.” She said it’s only awkward between them in “social environments,” to which he responded, “That’s the problem… Neither of us really know how to act and it becomes uncomfortable.” He then asked, “Is there a solution to this?” Kourtney didn’t have an answer, but believed it would be a “constant process” to parent the kids together without being a couple.

All three sisters later sat down with Kris to make a decision about whether or not to sell Dash. The momager told the girls they were still waiting for an offer, but Kim said they should sell the New York store and keep Miami open as a compromise to Kourtney. “I decided to reevaluate what Dash means to us,” Kim said in a confessional. “We put so much blood, sweat and tears into this business.” As the episode ended, Kris and the girls reminisced about all the great experiences they had together working at Dash.

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