Kechi Performs “Don’t Worry About Me” On “America’s Got Talent” Semifinals (VIDEO)

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Kechi AGT SemifinalsKechi AGT Semifinals

By Shari Weiss |

Kechi AGT SemifinalsKechi AGT Semifinals


Kechi performed “Don’t Worry About Me” during Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” semifinals. Check out the video below!

Throughout season 12 of “America’s Got Talent,” Kechi has been one of the NBC competition’s most inspiring contestants. While just a teen, the aspiring star was in a devastating plane crash that killed every one of her classmates but her. Though severely burned, she made it through an arduous recovery process, in part thanks to music. And while her backstory is no doubt moving, Kechi also has the voice to justify her place on the reality show.

Her journey on “AGT” began with a performance of “Thinking Out Loud” for the auditions, followed by “Song For You” during the Judge Cuts. On one of the quarterfinal episodes, producers were so confident in the singer, they awarded her the coveted closing spot. Kechi performed Katy Perry’s “By The Grace Of God,” and broke down as tears as all four judges gave a standing ovation. Simon Cowell said afterward, “What’s happened now is tonight you came out as the person I always believed you wanted to be… You are important in these days and ages, when people need people like you as an inspiration.”

Howie Mandel also pointed out that Kechi, a Houston resident, gave her moving performance just after the city was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. And now tonight, she performed following the “Hand In Hand” telethon for hurricane relief. She explained before taking the stage that the lyrics “Don’t Worry About Me” relate to her time in the hospital, as she wanted to let her mom know, “I’m okay.” Well, Kechi more than okay as she sang, “I’ll feel the fear for you, I’ll cry your tears for you.”

She started off singing a capella, before being accompanied by a pianist. The camera showed Mel B wiping away tears, and all of the judges gave a standing ovation at the end. Mandel said afterward, “I’m never speechless. I can’t do what I want to do. All I want to do is hug you and I want to hold you. That’s all. I don’t have words.” Mel gushed, “You’re just so special. I’ve said this to you time and time again, but you are just amazing. What you’ve gone through and you still stand there with such confidence… And that aside, your voice sings wonders to so many people.”

“I’m sharing the sentiment here,” Cowell said. “I don’t want to judge this… [but] it was your best performance by a clear mile.” The music mogul further said, ‘It was magic, magic moment.” And Heidi Klum commented, “You’re no longer the shy Kechi we once met… You ruled the stage today like a queen, and I love you very much.” Watch the video below.

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