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Keanu Reeves prefers to keep his private life private. The actor hasn't been publicly linked to anyone for almost 20 years. That all changed in early November when he was photographed with artist Alexandra Grant, resulting in several false reports. Gossip Cop busted a few of them, but one stood out above the rest: Sandra Bullock was never planning an engagement party for Reeves and Grant.

Over the years, Bullock and Reeves have been attached by the tabloids at times. In fact, in May, Woman's Day wrote a bogus article claiming Reeves and Bullock were in love. This came after Reeves appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted he had a crush on Bullock when they filmed 1994's Speed. In December 2018, Bullock had expressed the same thing on the same talk show.

In the Woman's Day piece, the outlet claimed Reeves was "sussing out" whether to "make a go of it" with Bullock. The whole premise was nonsense. It was invented because they had a mutual crush on each other 25 years ago. They never actually dated and have remained close pals to this day. The actress is also in a committed relationship with her boyfriend of several years, Bryan Randall.

When Reeves made his appearance with Grant at the 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala in November, the narrative had to change. OK! was ready and stepped in with a completely nonsensical story about Bullock planning Reeves' engagement party. In typical tabloid fashion, the magazine jumped straight from rumors that Reeves might have a girlfriend to a story about Reeves and Grant planning a secret Malibu wedding. One week later, the same tabloid invented this story about Bullock planning the engagement party.

For starters, there's still no confirmation that Grant and Reeves are actually dating. Gossip Cop hasn't been able to get a confirmation either way. However, we have learned they're not engaged or planning a wedding. Suffice to say, Bullock was never planning the engagement party ahead of the actor's imaginary nuptials.

The outlet filled the piece with weird details, like a so-called "insider" saying, "Sandra is going to handle it all - the invites, the catering, the music. She promised it's going to be the perfect evening, and not too over the top." Gossip Cop busted the silly report after checking in with our source close to the John Wick star, who told us it was all fabricated. An individual in Bullock's camp dismissed the report was well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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