Keanu Reeves did not say Hollywood elites use the "blood of babies to get high," despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this fake news story. The entire article and its supposed quotes from the actor are completely fabricated.

According to YourNewsWire, which far too often peddles made-up stories about celebrities, the actor allegedly said in an interview in Milan, Italy that "Hollywood elites" are engaging in the "ritual abuse of children." The repeatedly discredited outlet further maintains Reeves stated that children in Hollywood "are put on pedestals, but they are also tortured, raped, murdered, and consumed in various ways. They are currency. And I'm sad to say this practice seems to be becoming more and more open in those circles in recent years."

The site claims the actor added, "They see it as the ultimate high. They say it gives them life. The more the child suffered, the more fear and hormonal adrenaline it had in its system at the time of death, the stronger the effect on the people who consume that blood. They live for this stuff."

As if the article weren't insane enough, the blog goes on to allegedly quote Reeves as noting, "Some of these guys carry around bottles of blood. They call it 'red wine.' But they don't hide it." The actor supposedly also said that he once went to a "well-known mogul's mansion and he had two dead babies in his fridge." Towards the end of the fabricated article, the untrustworthy site claims Reeves expressed, "I just hope with all the dirt coming out of Hollywood now, people will start to wake up and realize the extent of what is going on there. People can't be expected to take it all in at once."

Let Gossip Cop stress once again that Reeves never said any of this. This fake news was all shamelessly manufactured by YourNewsWire. It's all lies.

While it's true Reeves was recently at a motorcycle event in Milan, he never gave this alleged interview to anyone. And his supposed remarks can't be found anywhere on the Internet, except for on YourNewsWire. Gossip Cop reached out to Reeves' rep, and we'll update should the actor decide to sue the outlet for the fictitious quotations attributed to him.

Gossip Cop recently exposed the same website for making up a story in November that alleged Katy Perry is a cannibal. In that outlandish report, the outlet asserted the singer attends private dinner parties in Hollywood where the guests dine on "human meat." Obviously, there was no truth to that fabricated tale, nor is there any to the one about Reeves.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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