Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry In “Hot Romance”?

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Keanu Reeves Halle Berry

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Keanu Reeves Halle Berry

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Are Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry in a hot romance? That was the claim in one of the celebrity magazines a year ago today. Now that a full 365 days have passed, there’s no question the report was untrue. More than it just being about a tabloid getting a story wrong, it brings up the importance of reliability and accountability.

On May 30, 2018, Life & Style published an article that insisted Reeves and Berry were in a “hot new romance.” In an effort not to get caught right away for fibbing, the outlet alleged the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum co-stars wouldn’t declare their love for one another until after the film finished shooting. It even had a so-called “insider” quoted as saying they were keeping their relationship “on the down low” until then.

The publication’s supposed source further shared how Reeves was “Halle’s type,” and there was “no hiding their attraction.” Of course, the movie has since been released, and it’s abundantly clear that Berry and Reeves, who have widely promoted the movie, are not dating, as asserted a year ago. At the time, Gossip Cop was assured by a confidant in Berry’s camp that the actress and Reeves were 100 percent not involved. Now, 12 months later, there’s no question the tabloid’s tale was completely false.

But this is not about patting Gossip Cop on the back. This is about how magazines routinely make incorrect claims and are rarely held accountable for their errors. The tabloid never issued a retraction or acknowledged it was wrong. It simply went on, churning out more phony articles.

Another byproduct is that equally untrustworthy outlets picked up the bogus narrative about Berry and Reeve dating without bothering to fact-check it. For instance, Gossip Cop had to bust Woman’s Day when it put its own spin on it for a piece about how Reeves was no longer “morose” after being in a romance with Berry. Then, six months after the dating tale was first floated, the magazine’s sister publication OK! added a new angle, insisting the actress had been in love “for years” with her co-star, but only after production wrapped did Reeves and Berry take their romance “to the next level.”

One would think that would be it, but yet another sister publication, the National Enquirer, maintained Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were playing cupid for Berry and Reeves, who worked with the married stars on other films. However, even Craig’s rep said there was  no validity to the story. The truth, which Gossip Cop reported from Day One last May, is that Berry and Reeves never dated or were in a relationship other than a professional one.

While Gossip Cop only listed a few examples of this fictitious premise, there were literally thousands of more  inaccurate stories, all based on the original Life & Style lie. As noted above, a year has gone by and the tabloid has taken no responsibility for putting out into the universe a make-believe claim. It’s for that reason we revisit articles and hold outlets accountable. Moving forward, the next time that magazine writes about either Berry or Reeves, one should approach its reporting with a healthy dose of skepticism.


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