Kaylee Millis “So You Think You Can Dance” Audition Video – WATCH!

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Kaylee Millis SYTYCD Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kaylee Millis SYTYCD Audition Video


Kaylee Millis impressed the “So Think You Can Dance” judges on Monday with her intense audition. She was the first to try out in New York and set the bar with a standing ovation. Watch the video below!

The 18-year-old Massachusetts native revealed she was athletic as a kid, but dance won her heart and she paid her own way for lessons and performances. With her parents not giving her any handouts, “that gave me a very large push to get me out there,” she explained to the camera. And Millis even said the reward of a ticket to the dance academy would probably make her cry.

Before dancing, she piqued the judges’ interest by giving an Italian name that represents her willingness to not let fear stop her. Millis crafted a contemporary routine that seemed to bring the lyrics of Julia Michaels’ “Issues” to life. There were audible reactions to her moves, including Vanessa Hudgens calling them “beautiful.” At the end, the aspiring star received a standing ovation and looked ready to burst into tears.

Nigel Lythgoe said, “It’s really difficult sometimes because there’s so many brilliant ladies who dance the same way… but they’re not necessarily individual, and you are indidivual. It’s really great to see that. You have a neat style about you. You have a great face when you know you’re pleasing people. And you have funk.”

Mary Murphy gushed, “I absolutely loved it. l loved every second of that routine. You oozed with confidence throughout that entire thing. You had us in the palm of your hands. And what I love most of all is seeing somebody’s dream come true.” Hudgens noted, “So much precision, so much grace. You have an amazing look. Your groove is amazing.”

Murphy then exclaimed in her unique voice, “She needs to go to the academy!” Afterward, Lythgoe called it a “great start” to the New York auditions, and told the waiting contestants, “There’s a standard that’s just been set.” Check out the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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