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Was Katy Perry forced by "American Idol" producers to apologize to Taylor Swift? That's what one tabloid is claiming, but Gossip Cop can bust this untrue spin. There's no evidence to support it and plenty of proof to contradict it.

As widely reported, earlier this week Perry sent Swift a literal olive branch to make peace after years of feuding. Swift was touched by the gesture and thanked her on-and-off rival on social media. Now according to the National Enquirer, Perry only reached out because "things got desperate." As the story goes, the "American Idol" judge was facing "new pressure" to make amends because producers were "fuming" over potentially "starting a second season with an unofficial Taylor ban."

The supermarket tabloid is referring to an article it published last October, in which it was wrongly claimed Perry was banning Swift's music from contestants' auditions. Though it was busted months ago, the magazine is bringing back the bogus claim to assert the (nonexistent) "ban" meant the show was "unable to use a lot of pop hits," much to its producers' chagrin. It's further maintained "American Idol" executives "weren't happy" when one contestant apologized to Perry for being a fan of Swift, as seen in a March episode.

As a result, the publication contends Perry had "plenty of reasons" to reach out to Swift and make peace after being urged by the show's producers. But this backstory is not accurate. There's never been a "ban" on Swift's music, and it makes little sense to allege Perry was ordered to make up with Swift before "starting a second season" of the ABC competition. The current season is still airing, so if there really were such a "ban" on Swift's songs, wouldn't the producers have wanted it to end already so her hits could be used now?

Additionally, if executives "weren't happy" about Perry's exchange with a contestant about Swift, why wasn't it edited out of the episode? That installment was from the pre-taped auditions, which means editors and producers were entirely in control of what made it on air. They decided to include the moment, and the clip ended up going viral and scoring the show a lot of press. Just as significantly, not one reputable publication has reported anything about "Idol" being behind Perry's apology to Swift, and there's no evidence to support such a take.

On the contrary, "Entertainment Tonight" reported that the reason why Perry apologized to Swift was because she was "done holding on to the past and wants to be part of the change in today's society" by setting "a good example for women." It was also noted that Perry "has been trying to make amends for some time" and "has been eager to reconcile." Similarly, E! Online reported that Perry "has been thinking about this for a very long time" and "wanted nothing but to make up with a long lost friend." It was further explained Perry wanted to "clear the air than to have public disagreements and uncomfortable tension with people," and wanted "all of the negative energy cleared from her life."

In other words, this had absolutely nothing to do with "American Idol," which a spokesperson for the show exclusively confirms to Gossip Cop. A rep for the series tells us it's "completely untrue" that producers played any role in Perry's gesture.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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