Katy Perry “Ready To Get Married” To Robert Pattinson Is Fake News

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Katy Perry Robert Pattinson Married

By Andrew Shuster |

Katy Perry Robert Pattinson Married

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A new story claiming Katy Perry is ready to “go all in and get married” to Robert Pattinson is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fake news. We’re told there’s not truth to it.

According to HollywoodLife, which frequently pretends to have “exclusive” scoops on various celebrities, the singer is ready for true love “and she’s hoping that Rob might just be the guy.” But as Gossip Cop has noted, Perry and Pattinson are longtime friends who’ve never had a romance. Additionally, Perry’s rep has repeatedly told us they’re “just friends.” Unfortunately, the unreliable blog doesn’t seem to understand that.

The site quotes an alleged insider as saying, “She is at a point where if anyone she likes really pursues her back then she will go all in because she would love to married again and settle down.” However, ever since Pattinson and Perry were spotted out to dinner with a group of other friends last month, the website has been wrongly reporting that they’re an item. Once again, they’re not and never have been.

Gossip Cop previously busted HollywoodLies, as it’s been nicknamed, for falsely claiming that the friends were spotted “making out” at the restaurant. Only, the two were surrounded by pals and sitting on opposite sides of the table. The outlet then published a phony follow-up story about Perry hoping the actor will “let her out of the friend zone.”

The idea that Perry wants to get married to someone she isn’t dating is completely absurd. Still, Gossip Cop once again checked in with Perry’s rep, who exclusively assures us again on the record that she and Pattinson aren’t together. A source close to the actor also confirms that to Gossip Cop. We’re further told no one in the singer’s inner circle spoke to the blog about her friendship with the actor.

It’s worth noting, HollywoodLies has also purported to know how Pattinson feels about Perry. We recently called out the site for making up a story about the actor “majorly crushing” on the singer “for years.” It’s not true, and the online publication has no more insight into the actor’s feelings about Perry. Regardless, the pair’s relationship remains platonic. In fact, Perry described herself as Pattinson’s “big sister” in an interview with Elle UK.

Additionally, the site can’t seem to keep track of its bogus narratives. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted the blog for falsely claiming that Pattinson “still loves” Kristen Stewart. This latest article involving Perry is equally fabricated.