Katy Perry NOT “Waiting” For Robert Pattinson To “Let Her Out Of Friend Zone,” Despite Report

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Katy Perry Robert Pattinson Friend Zone

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Katy Perry Robert Pattinson Friend Zone

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Katy Perry is not “waiting” for Robert Pattinson to “let her out” of a supposed “friend zone,” despite a new report. This story was completely made-up, just like others about the longtime pals. Gossip Cop can bust it.

As Gossip Cop has reported, the stars had dinner together last week and were falsely reported to be “making out” in public. HollywoodLife, which is known as HollywoodLies for its propensity to fabricate stories, used that to manufacture nonsense about Pattinson “majorly crushing” on Perry. The blog claimed “she was insistent on them being just friends,” but she “finally gave in” and now “they’ve been casually dating for a while.”

That was all concocted, but what’s particularly odd and telling is that now the website is offering a narrative that is completely contradictory. According to this new piece, it’s the singer who wants a romance and the actor who has been resisting. “After a dinner date and alleged make out session, Katy Perry is ready to jump into a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson,” begins this new fictional tale.

A so-called “source close to Katy” is quoted as saying, “Katy would dive into a relationship with Rob in seconds, but she feels she is in Rob’s friend zone.” Of course, that’s the exact opposite of what HollywoodLies previously claimed. And after insisting in that other piece that they were “dating,” the invented “source” here merely says there’s a “chance for them to make something more out of their great friendship.”

Interestingly, one of the site’s commenters responded: “first Hollywood life says rob has been crushing on katy for years and now they say katy has been waiting to be let out of the friend zone. Which is it? Or maybe it’s a simple explanation of you’re always wrong and they’re still as always just friends.”

HollywoodLies doesn’t care about consistency or accuracy. And the outlet doesn’t truly have Pattinson or Perry sources, because if it did, its reporting would truthful and unchanging. Gossip Cop has been told for years that those close to top celebrities, including these two stars, don’t spill to the online publication. Not surprisingly, the equally untrustworthy Celebrity Insider regurgitated the false story without bothering to fact-check. As for their actual status, a rep for Perry reiterates to Gossip Cop, “They’re just friends.”

Not to mention, Perry vacationed with on-and-off boyfriend Orlando Bloom just weeks ago. But between her ongoing “Witness” tour and “American Idol” obligations, she’s not looking for a serious commitment now. All she wants out of Pattinson is friendship and that’s all she’s going to continue to get.

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