Katy Perry “Rise” Video Stole Concept?

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Katy Perry Rise Video Steal

By Shari Weiss |

Katy Perry Rise Video Steal


Katy Perry is being accused of stealing the concept for her “Rise” video. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Perry’s “Rise” music video premiered on Thursday night. The song is the official NBC anthem for the 2016 Olympics, and an Olympics-themed video came out last month. But the new video focuses exclusively on Perry.

With the inspirational lyrics all about getting back up when you get knocked down, Perry is seen doing battle with a parachute. Scenes show the singer getting dragged out of a hangar, stuck on a cliff, and submerged in water. Eventually, she manages to go from victim to conqueror.

But to Kevin Jonas, Sr., the father of the Jonas Brothers, the clip was a bit too familiar. Less than 24 hours after Perry’s video was released, he tweeted on Friday afternoon, “Love @katyperry new song but the video for #Rise is identical to @oliviasomerlyn #Parachute.” To illustrate his point, Jonas posted side-by-side stills comparing scenes from the two videos (see below).

Somerlyn’s song “Parachute” came out in 2014. Jonas is her manager, and son Nick Jonas both co-wrote and produced the track. Neither he nor Somerlyn have commented on Perry’s “Rise” video. In Perry’s defense, Somerlyn is hardly the only person to engage with a parachute in a music video. Christina Milian used such imagery for “Rebel” last year, while Rihanna did with “American Oxygen.”

A rep for Paul Gore, the director of “Rise,” tells Gossip Cop, “The filmmakers created a video for Katy Perry having never before seen the other video. Any similarity is pure coincidence.” Significantly, “Parachute” director Ryan Pallotta, noted to Gossip Cop, “Paul Gore is a revered director and I’m sure he wouldn’t knowingly copy anything. It’s just a parachute — there are lots of them in prop houses and I would chalk this up to coincidence.” Check out all the somewhat-similar clips below.

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