Katy Perry “Rise” Music Video – WATCH!

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Katy Perry Rise Music Video

By Shari Weiss |

Katy Perry Rise Music Video


Katy Perry’s “Rise” music video premiered on Thursday night. She tweeted, “Through the blood, sweat (lots of it), and tears, we keep rising. Finally, my new video for #RISE.” Watch below!

“Rise” was released last month as the official theme song for NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Olympics. The inspirational anthem is about making a comeback just when people think you’re down and out. Perry sings, “Don’t be surprised/I will still rise.”

Following its debut, an Olympics-themed music video was also released. Footage of Team USA athletes participating in past games played with Perry’s song serving as the soundtrack. It has since been used in various NBC commercials in anticipation of Friday’s opening ceremony in Rio, and Perry performed it at the DNC last week to support Hillary Clinton.

But now Perry has a video for the track that’s all her own. In the clip, the pop star does battle with a parachute. But after being dragged away, stuck on some rocks, and plunged into the water below, she manages to pull off a resurrection.

Perry, who co-wrote “Rise,” has said it’s intended to be a stand-alone song and not the kick-off to a new album. Gossip Cop also busted a story that falsely claimed “Rise” was chosen for the Olympics theme song over an anthem from Taylor Swift. In actuality, Swift was never in talks for the gig.

Check out both versions of the “Rise” video below!

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