Katy Perry NOT Pregnant With John Mayer’s Baby, Despite OK! Cover Story (EXCLUSIVE)

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Katy Perry Pregnant, John Mayer Wedding

By Shari Weiss |

Katy Perry Pregnant, John Mayer Wedding


Katy Perry is NOT pregnant with John Mayer’s baby, despite a false tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the allegations, which come from OK! magazine, the same outlet that still thinks Perry dated Robert Pattinson.

According to OK!, Perry and Mayer are “expecting their first baby,” and the singer’s friends were supposedly “buzzing” about “her burgeoning baby bump” at a party earlier this month. “The buzz in her close group of friends is that she’s two months pregnant,” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid, adding, “The news was a shock to everyone, but Katy and John are absolutely ecstatic!”

OK! spends much of its cover story regurgitating the ups and downs of Perry and Mayer’s on-and-off relationship, including Perry’s supposed “rebound” fling with Pattinson, which, as Gossip Cop repeatedly reported, never actually happened. The magazine isn’t even sure whether the pop star is actually pregnant, or her friends just think she could be at some point.

“If Katy is pregnant, she’d immediately go into mommy mode,” speculates OK!, “though she isn’t sure how John, with whom she’s had so many stops and starts, would react.” One of the supposed Perry “friends” explains, “She’d be nervous about telling him, because he hasn’t been the most reliable guy in the past. But he’s sworn to her that he’s a changed man — and when he told her about his hopes for having a baby together, Katy fell in love with him all over again.”

To be clear: OK! went from definitively saying Perry and Mayer are “expecting their first baby” and are “ecstatic” to quoting an alleged pal giving Perry and Mayer’s hypothetical reactions to a possible pregnancy. The OK! story is all over the place, and with good reason: It’s all entirely false.

A source close to Perry exclusively confirms to Gossip Cop that the singer is NOT pregnant. Our insider stresses that Perry is focused on her Prismatic World Tour, which has Perry in Europe throughout February and March. She’ll then travel to Asia for shows in April and May.

Perry is certainly not performing a rigorous concert night after night while several months pregnant. Of course, OK! also claimed Perry and Mayer were “having a baby” in 2013, and that Perry could “slip up and get pregnant” with Pattinson’s baby last year. Basically, its sources have not gotten any better over time.


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