Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Split Rumors

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Split Rumors

By Andrew Shuster |

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Split Rumors

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are frequently splitting in the world of the tabloids. In reality, the happily engaged couple is going strong. Here are a few wrong rumors claiming otherwise.

Gossip Cop busted Star in March for wrongly reporting that Perry and Bloom were headed for a split because she’s more rich and famous than him. The outlet contended that the singer and the actor were struggling with the “imbalance in their celebrity status” and “earning powers.” The story was published immediately after the two got engaged, and it didn’t make much sense. The disparity between the couple’s fame and finances have never been an issue in the past, so how does getting engaged change matters? A source close to the couple assured us their star power and bank accounts have no impact on their relationship.

Gossip Cop also called out Star in March for falsely claiming Perry’s friends feared her relationship with Bloom was going to end as a result of his “partying.” The publication maintained that many of the singer’s pals weren’t happy about her engagement and worried she “didn’t properly think [it] through.” The outlet didn’t bother to mention which “friends” of Perry’s were supposedly unhappy about her engagement. Conversely, many of the couple’s famous pals congratulated them on social media following the news, including Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Jessie J, to name a few. No one in the singer’s inner circle is remotely upset about her getting married to the actor.

Last November, Gossip Cop debunked a Life & Style story about Perry and Bloom battling over a prenup. The magazine claimed the two wouldn’t make it down the aisle because the singer was trying to protect her fortune with “an ironclad prenup” that included a $2 million cheating clause and $1 million penalty if he leaves her within their first two years of marriage. The story was based on claims from an anonymous “source,” but Perry’s spokesperson told us on the record that it was false. The couple get engaged just a few months later.

And last July, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style for falsely alleging Perry and Bloom were “on the rocks” over distance. At the time the story was published, the singer was on her Witness world tour, while the actor was in London starring in the play Killer Joe. The outlet claimed the separation was “starting to put a huge strain on their relationship,” to the point where they were “barely even speaking.”

Just one day after the story was published, however, the couple was spotted on a date night in London. People magazine noted that Perry specifically went to the UK “just to see” Bloom, and even watched his play for third time. Meanwhile, “Entertainment Tonight” reported that the two were “going strong” and “enjoy their time together when they can get it.” The singer and the actor clearly make their romance work despite their demanding schedules.


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