Did Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Almost Split Last Year?

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Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry arrive for the Los Angeles premiere of Amazon Original Series "Carnival Row"

By Laura Broman |

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry arrive for the Los Angeles premiere of Amazon Original Series "Carnival Row"

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Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom almost split last year? One tabloid claimed the actor felt threatened by his fiancée’s greater level of fame, but Gossip Cop debunked the story one year ago today. It’s even more obvious now how phony the claim was.

In a ridiculous article published on March 16, 2019, Star alleged Bloom and Perry might call off their wedding because of an “imbalance in their celebrity status.” A so-called source claimed “the difference between their earning powers is a recipe for disaster, and everybody can see it… Orlando wants to grow his career, but Katy’s the one whose star just keeps rising.” The questionable insider also told the magazine that Bloom’s friends told him “not to rush into the wedding” and to first “prove they work as a couple.”

The story was obviously false. The tabloid didn’t even explain how Perry and Bloom’s wealth imbalance might affect their relationship. There’s no reason to think that Bloom, who is himself a very famous actor, would feel threatened by his future wife’s success as a singer. The couple’s celebrity statuses is not a zero-sum game: both can continue to grow without one inhibiting the other. And if all this didn’t make it clear the story was fake, a trusted source close to the couple also assured Gossip Cop that it was completely bogus.

The tabloid was obviously trying to cover all of its bases by only claiming that the couple “might” split rather than outright saying they had broken up. If Bloom and Perry did break up, then the magazine would be right about the drama, and if they didn’t – well, maybe they just worked through their problems. But even so, the passing year has proved this story to be transparently false. Perry and Bloom are still very much together. On March 5, Perry announced through the music video for her new song, “Never Worn White,” that she and Bloom are expecting their first child this summer. “I’m excited, we’re excited, and happy,” the singer said on her Instagram story.

It’s true that they’ve recently announced a potential delay in their nuptials, but you can probably guess the reason for that: Bloom recently told The Times UK that he and Perry may put their destination wedding on hold due to coronavirus. “We’re going to be traveling and we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable,” the Carnival Row actor explained.

This isn’t the first time Star has tried to push baseless claims of this kind on its readership. In 2017, Gossip Cop debunked an article from the tabloid alleging that Bloom was a “cheapskate” on a recent date with a woman in London, letting her “play sugar mama” and pick up the tab. Last September, the tabloid ran a phony story claiming that Perry was funding Bloom’s lavish lifestyle as the actor’s personal finances diminished to nothing. It’s unclear why Star is so insistent on publishing the same nonsense over and over, but it only gets more obvous each time how false it all is.


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