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Ever since Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rekindled their relationship, the two have been the subject of many false stories. Much of it, however, has been speculative and not grounded in fact. Gossip Cop is now looking back at five wrong rumors about the on-again couple.

In March, OK! alleged Perry and Bloom may have eloped while on vacation in Prague. The magazine claimed they "may already be husband and wife," with a so-called "insider" being quoted as saying, "Word in her circle is that her recent trip to Prague to visit him was actually an elopement." In reality, Perry and Bloom did not wed. Not only is there no marriage record for them, but a rep for Perry flat-out told Gossip Cop the report was "not true."

A week later, Gossip Cop called out RadarOnline for manufacturing a story about Perry being in a fight with purported Bloom suitor Jennifer Aniston. Had the website had done its research instead of creating a bogus love triangle, it would have known that Perry and Bloom have both been friends with the Aniston for years. In fact, Aniston was invited to Bloom's birthday party, which Perry threw in 2017. Regardless, we still investigated the report, and a rep for Aniston dismissed the website's article as "nonsense."

But the rumors didn't stop there. Gossip Cop corrected the often disproven HollywoodLife in April when it maintained Perry was "ready to make babies" with Bloom. In that article, which was filled with fake quotes from noticeably unnamed and untraceable "sources," it was alleged the singer was "sick" of having an on-again, off-again relationship with Bloom and wanted to have kids with him. While Perry and Bloom are dating exclusively again, we were told on background by a mutual friend of ours and the "American Idol" judge that she isn't quite ready to get pregnant.

Also in April, the site Naughty Gossip wrongly contended Perry and Bloom were engaged but keeping it a secret. Of course, the website had zero evidence to support its claim about the couple being set to marry, and instead plagiarized some background information about the couple's recent trip to Rome word-for-word from an E! Online. As Gossip Cop noted at the time, there was no reason whatsoever to believe the often discredited outlet had genuine "sources" when it couldn't even deliver its own original reporting. And just days before we busted Naughty Gossip, The Times Of London published an interview with Bloom about his "remarkable connection" with Perry in which the actor spoke about his "remarkable connection" with Perry but stressed how their relationship is "difficult" because of their "conflicting schedules."

Most recently, Gossip Cop corrected Woman's Day for falsely claiming Perry and Bloom had set a wedding date, specifically September 15 of this year. The magazine tried to connect the wedding plans to a meeting the pair had with the Pope in April. While Perry and Bloom met the Pope during a trip to the Vatican last month, their European vacation had nothing to do with getting a marriage blessing. Additionally, it was widely reported in March that Perry is slated to headline California's Kaaboo Del Mar festival, which takes place the very same weekend as her purported wedding, effectively debunking the publication's tale.

As Perry and Bloom continue dating, undoubtedly so too will the wrong rumors about them abound. And while the outlets we correct hide behind unidentifiable sources, Gossip Cop remains steadfast in its mission to transparently fact-check. You can count on us to have independent documentation and exclusive comments on-the-record about Bloom and Perry as we separate what's real and what's rumor about the on-again couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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