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One of this week's tabloids claims Katy Perry's friends fear her relationship with Orlando Bloom is going to end as a result of his "partying." The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to Star, many of the singer's pals are concerned about her recent engagement to the actor based on their past history. A supposed source tells the magazine, "They were there to pick her up the last time these two called it quits. And they're worried Katy didn't properly think this through." The alleged insider goes on to say that Perry's friends believe her fiance's "partying days aren't behind him," which could cause a conflict with her "sober lifestyle."

It's worth noting, the outlet doesn't bother to mention which "friends" of Perry's are unhappy about her engagement. Last month, however, many of Perry and Bloom's famous friends congratulated them on social media following the news of their impending nuptials. Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Jessie J were among the stars who toasted the pair. Perry's friends have been publicly praising her and Bloom, despite the tabloid claiming there are unidentified members of her inner circle who are upset.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Perry, who wasn't able to speak on the record, but tells us the magazine's story is entirely "false." A mutual pal of ours and Bloom similarly assures us there's no truth to the tabloid's tale. That's not too surprising, considering the gossip media has repeatedly proven to have little insight into the couple's relationship.

Last week, for example, Gossip Cop busted Star's sister publication, the National Enquirer, for falsely claiming the reason Perry and Bloom are getting married is that she's secretly pregnant. The singer is not expecting a child. Last October, the magazine's other sister outlet, Life & Style, wrongly reported that Perry and Bloom got secretly engaged in Greece. Of course, their actual engagement didn't come until several months later.

Last July, that same tabloid wrongly maintained that Perry and Bloom's romance was "on the rocks" over distance and busy work schedules. And last May, Gossip Cop called out In Touch for making up a story about Perry and Bloom planning a wedding and a baby.

It's fairly clear at this point that the tabloids spend a lot of time concocting bogus narratives about the famous couple. This latest one is no different. Gossip Cop can confirm that Perry's friends don't fear her relationship with Bloom is going to end over his "partying."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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