Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom “On The Rocks” Over Distance?

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Distance

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Distance

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Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom “on the rocks” over distance? That’s the premise of a poorly-timed story from this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Perry has spent much of the past year on her global “Witness” tour, while Bloom has spent the last few months starring in Killer Joe on London’s West End. Now according to Life & Style, “The separation is starting to put a huge strain on their relationship.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Katy and Orlando went from spending every day together to leading separate lives. They’re barely even speaking right now.”

The magazine puts the blame on Perry’s “demanding schedule,” asserting it also “spelled doom” for her marriage to Russell Brand. The outlet also alludes to an interview with the Times of London, in which Bloom acknowledged that he and Perry are busy people, which can make a romance “difficult.” Maintains the publication’s alleged tipster, “The longer Katy and Orlando go without seeing each other, the harder it is to quiet those doubts.” Adds the purported snitch, “They really wanted it to work this time, but it’s not looking good.”

Tellingly, the tabloid makes no mention of Bloom and Perry negotiating a $335 million prenup, and having plans to marry in the fall after he finishes his play and she wraps her tour. That was the narrative the magazine presented just over a month ago. And in April, this same outlet also claimed Perry and Bloom were engaged. But this new story says nothing about an engagement, prenup or wedding. That’s because the publication has never known what it’s talking about when it comes to the couple, and quite clearly still doesn’t.

Only one day after this article claimed the stars were “barely speaking” and not spending time together, Perry and Bloom stepped out for a date night in London. People further reported that Perry specifically went to the UK “just to see” Bloom, and that this was the third time she took in his play. “You only do that if you’re really into someone,” it was stressed. Their relationship was further described as a “partnership.”

Additionally, just a few weeks ago, “Entertainment Tonight” reported Perry and Bloom are “going strong” and “enjoy their time together when they can get it.” In fact, Perry was in London with Bloom in mid-June, too. All of this goes directly against the Life & Style article.

Conclusion: Life & Style claims Bloom and Perry have been torn part by distance and are “barely speaking,” but the couple just stepped out for a date this week. Perry also flew to be with him a few weeks ago. Furthermore, other reputable outlets have reported that they both remain committed to the relationship, which is still going well. Of course, they may not stay together forever, but there’s plenty of evidence proving the tabloid’s storyline is currently false.


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