Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom already "husband and wife"? That was actually a claim in one of the celebrity magazines exactly one year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop noted the story about them being married was untrue, and it's even clearer now 12 months later how false the report was.

On March 5, 2018, OK! maintained Bloom and Perry got married while in Europe. The tabloid alleged it had a "source" who shared that "neither of them wanted to waste more time apart." The supposed "insider" added that a trip she took to visit Bloom in Prague, where he was shooting the Amazon Prime show "Carnival Row," was "actually an elopement." And while the publication had no concrete details, it nevertheless went on to speculate how they could "already be husband and wife."

The rest of the article from 365 days rehashed how Perry and Bloom were back on after having split the year before. It also touched briefly on her marriage to Russell Brand and his marriage to Miranda Kerr. But missing was any type of proof or confirmation that they had gotten married. While the magazine tried to dupe its readers into believing Perry and Bloom had secretly wed, based on vague claims from an unnamed and untraceable "source," Perry's rep made a point of going on the record with Gossip Cop to tell us the story was "not true."

Two months later, the same tabloid contended Perry and Bloom went on a honeymoon to Rome. Once again, the publication had no proof whatsoever that they even tied the knot. The reality was Bloom and Perry were in Rome to meet with Pope Francis in Vatican City, as part of the Unite to Cure conference, where she spoke about transcendental meditation.

Of course, it was only three weeks ago that Perry and Bloom got engaged. As Gossip Cop has noted before, we sometimes revisit articles from a year ago to help visitors decide which outlets are and aren't reliable sources of information about their favorite stars. Obviously, the tabloid was wrong about Bloom and Perry secretly marrying in Prague.

It was surprising back then the magazine was even still writing about the singer, considering how off-base it had been about her in the past. In 2015, Gossip Cop exclusively corrected the tabloid when it ran an untrue cover story that alleged Perry was pregnant with John Mayer's baby. A month after we busted the publication, OK! issued an apology to Perry for wrongly reporting she was pregnant. Maybe the outlet should also say it's sorry to its readers for repeatedly publishing inaccurate tales about her.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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