Last year, a tabloid claimed Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom asked Kanye West to officiate their wedding. Gossip Cop busted the story when it first came out. Looking back it's clear to see the story was completely fabricated.

In April 2019, NW alleged Perry wanted West to preside over her wedding to Bloom. The outlet made-up the story after Perry was seen attending one of West's church services a month prior. The phony magazine quoted a "supposed" source who claimed Perry and Bloom "want their wedding to make a huge splash by having a celebrity officiant. And who better than Kanye?" The so-called insider added, "He and Katy are pals from way back, so it makes sense. Orlando loves the idea of doing something out there too." The questionable insider further alleged, "Kanye was thrilled to be asked. This could be the start of him officiating a lot of weddings. He's thinking about offering his services to other couples."

The entire narrative, however, was bogus. It's been a year since the tabloid made the claim and and while the couple stilled aren't married after postponning their nuptials due to the pandemic, they have never intended to have West officiate. Gossip Cop checked with a rep for Perry at the time, who confirmed the couple never asked West to marry them. Furthermore, Bloom told a more reliable outlet, People magazine, that he did not want a huge wedding. Simply put, nothing about the story was true.

This wasn't the first time NW was incorrect about Perry, Bloom, or West. The publication was busted by Gossip Cop in April 2018 for a false claim that Perry and Taylor Swift were moving to London. The phony tabloid alleged Swift was looking for a home with Joe Alwyn, and Perry planned to get a house with Bloom "possibly in the same area" as Swift. "Katy and Orlando are finally ready to settle down and think the best way to do it is to get out of the Hollywood scene," a so-called insider added. We spoke to a spokesperson for Perry who confirmed the singer was not moving to London. Gossip Cop debunked the bogus story when it came out and two years later. the couple are still not living in London.

In January 2019, Gossip Cop set the record straight on another false claim by the very same outlet. This time it asserted West and Kim Kardashian were naming their fourth child after Donald Trump. An alleged insider told the publication, "Kanye has made no secret of his loyalty to Donald Trump and everything he stands for, so he'll likely want to name him after the President to pledge his allegiance." That didn't happen, clearly. West and Kardashian named their youngest child Psalm, not Donald. Also, we checked with a source close to the couple at the time who found the story laughable. Everything the tabloid "reports" on is laughable.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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