Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Engaged In Tokyo?

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Engaged 2018

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Engaged 2018

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Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom get engaged in Tokyo? That’s the rumor circulating in the tabloids. But Gossip Cop can bust the story. The on-and-off couple is not set to wed, a Perry confidante tells us on background.

These claims originated in foreign tabloids like Woman’s Day New Zealand and Closer, but have now spread to the U.S. gossip magazines. According to Life & Style, Bloom “surprised” Perry “with a proposal in Tokyo” after joining her in Japan for the launch of the Asian leg of her concert series, “Witness: The Tour.” Suspiciously, no specific date is given, with the outlet instead vaguely claiming the actor “recently popped the question.”

“Katy was really taken aback and thought it was a joke, until he pulled out an antique ring she’d been eyeing,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. The supposed snitch continues, “She was in floods of tears before she finally said yes.” Yet the outlet doesn’t share what Bloom himself allegedly said upon asking Perry to marry him. The “antique ring” also isn’t described, nor is it revealed what jeweler it came from.

The publication goes on to contend that in addition to “stealthily securing the ring” Perry wanted, Bloom “made a secret trip to Santa Barbara, Calif., to ask Katy’s dad for her hand in marriage shortly before heading to Tokyo.” Again, no details are provided on that purported conversation, either. Despite that, the alleged tipster claims to know Perry and Bloom’s wedding plans, maintaining they’re “planning to wed at the end of August, once Katy’s tour is over,” in one of her “favorite spots in the world.” That’s said to be Kauai.

Here’s what Gossip Cop knows: Perry’s tour is scheduled to end in late August, but she’s then slated to perform at the Kaaboo Del Mar music festival as a headliner in September. Bloom and Perry did meet up in Tokyo late last month, but there’s no evidence an engagement took place. Such claims are spreading despite being unsubstantiated and strangely emanating from tabloids abroad. Additionally, just over a month ago, People reported that while Perry and Bloom took a trip to Prague and were dating again, they weren’t “necessarily putting a label” on their relationship and were “not girlfriend and boyfriend.”

Furthermore, a Perry confidante tells Gossip Cop on background that it’s “false” she and Bloom are engaged. Though the singer has been spotted in Kauai a number of times over the years, there are no current plans to tie the knot there. It’s also worth noting that Life & Style has a history of being clueless when it comes to the pop star’s love life. It was just two months ago that the magazine claimed Perry was pressuring Robert Pattinson to marry her. Tellingly, nothing is said about that in this new and equally bogus story about marrying Bloom.


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