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Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom engaged but keeping it a secret? That's the latest rumor to emerge about the on-again couple. But Gossip Cop is told by contacts on both sides that there has not been an engagement.

The unsubstantiated claim comes from Naughty Gossip, which collectively quotes "sources" as saying, "They are engaged and trying to keep it a secret." These alleged insiders go on to contend, "They are very much in love and trying to keep the details of their private [life] private." It's not explained why, if the couple is intending to keep their engagement a secret and want their private life private, "sources" close to them would be leaking something so personal to the gossip media.

Additionally, the site has zero evidence to back up its contentions about an engagement. When did Bloom and Perry get engaged? Did he propose to her? Is there a wedding in the works? At what point will they share their joyous news with the world? The blog has none of this pertinent information. Instead, its short article is filled out with widely-known details about Perry and Bloom's recent trip to the Vatican, where they met the Pope.

The report even references Perry posting on social media about their time in Rome, but nothing she shared supports the notion that they're engaged. And in the course of investigating, Gossip Cop discovered that some of the phrases in its article, which was published on Monday, were plagiarized from E! Online. Naughty Gossip writes how "in one pic, she and Bloom cozy up for a selfie inside the ruins of the famous ancient Roman amphitheater." That, along with other lines, was taken word-for-word from a Sunday E! story about Perry and Bloom's selfie at the Colosseum.

If the website can't deliver original reporting about the couple's trip, there's no reason to believe the online publication has "sources" revealing Perry and Bloom are engaged. On the contrary, a Perry insider tells Gossip Cop on background that such claims are "untrue." Meanwhile, a Bloom confidante, who declined to speak on the record, also tells us quite simply, "They are not engaged." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinarily, Gossip Cop wouldn't present a story with two on background comments; however, these two individuals are so close to the situation that they wouldn't allow us to identify them.]

It should also be noted that earlier this month Gossip Cop shot down another Naughty Gossip that falsely maintained Taylor Swift replacing Perry on "American Idol." That untrue claim was not only denied by Perry's rep, but also a spokesperson for the ABC series, who confirmed to Gossip Cop the allegations were "100 percent fiction." So the blog has a documented history of running untruths when it comes to Perry, and now this engagement story is yet more fiction.

It seems some disreputable outlets are in a rush to marry the singer off, as Life & Style ran its own untrue article earlier this month about Perry and Bloom being engaged. Both stars have spoken out in recent days about being happy together, and People has reported that Perry and Bloom are once again dating exclusively. They are just not set to wed at this time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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