Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Did NOT Split Over Having Baby, Despite Report

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Katy Perry Not Split Orlando Bloom

By Shari Weiss |

Katy Perry Not Split Orlando Bloom

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom did NOT split over whether to have a baby, despite yet another wrong breakup report. Gossip Cop can again set the record straight.

On Tuesday, OK! picked up a story from Closer, claiming, “Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoyed a summer full of good times and nude paddle boarding, but when fall came, Orlando put their relationship on ice, dashing Katy’s hopes of building a family.” It’s specifically alleged Perry “had her heart set on marrying Orlando and starting a family,” but Bloom was “less keen to jump into something so serious as having a baby with the ‘Firework’ singer.”

An “insider” from Closer is quoted as saying, “Katy was desperate to have a baby and thought Orlando was on the same wavelength. She told him that because of her religious background, she’d want to get married before they started trying for a family and Orlando had hinted that a proposal was imminent. But then he appeared to have a change of heart and dropped the bombshell that he didn’t want to settle down again for at least five years.”

“She told him she couldn’t carry on and ended it immediately, despite being completely heartbroken,” claims the supposed source. “Katy was crushed and couldn’t help feeling that Orlando might have led her on, knowing she wanted the settle down.” And so, OK! asserts, “Now Katy is left single and longing for a baby.”

Yet, this is all coming from the same tabloid that falsely claimed Perry and Bloom were getting engaged back in August. The magazine even ran a “Katy & Orlando: Wedding & Babies!” cover story. As it turns out, the publication was wrong then, and is still wrong now.

Perry has not been “left single,” nor has she “ended it” with Bloom. In fact, the couple is currently in New York after spending Thanksgiving together on the West Coast. There was no split over baby plans. In Touch first incorrectly published a breakup story last week, followed by RadarOnline, then Closer, and now OK!. But the rumor mill has this completely wrong.

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