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Katy Perry did not record Taylor Swift diss songs for her new album, contrary to a series of untrue reports. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

Ever since Swift released the song "Bad Blood" in 2014, rumors have swirled that a falling-out with Perry was the inspiration for the track. The gossip media played up a feud between the two superstars, perhaps no outlet more so that HollywoodLife. The webloid pits the two performers against each other whenever possible, and that's included a number of articles claiming Perry plans to hit back at "Bad Blood" with music of her own.

In 2015, for instance, HollywoodLies ran an "exclusive" that was headlined, "Katy Perry's '1984' Will Be Her Stinging Response To Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood.'" The article alleged that a purported song called "1984" would be a "direct response to Taylor's 'Bad Blood," as Perry was "ready to finally retaliate." A so-called "source" told the webloid the song was "without question a diss track."

A few months later, the site published yet another "exclusive" with the headline, "Katy Perry: Taylor Swift Diss Song Is Payback For 'Bad Blood." Perry herself never said such a thing, but the online publication alleged she would be "aiming her shade" at her fellow performer. A "source" for the outlet claimed Perry was going to give a "direct reply" and "share her side of events" through a new song called "Crocodile Tears."

The revenge narrative continued through 2016, like with an "exclusive" titled, "Katy Perry: She Has Several Taylor Swift Diss Tracks, So Why Isn't She Dropping Them?" In that piece, HollywoodLies insisted Perry had an "arsenal of diss tracks read[y] to obliterate" Swift. A "source" supposedly confirmed to the outlet, "Katy has recorded response tracks about 'Bad Blood' and about Taylor Swift." The alleged tipster was further quoted as saying, "She is thinking of just releasing the diss tracks as a final statement on everything."

And those are just three examples when more than a dozen similar stories have been published by the blog over the last two years. The gist was always the same: Perry's new music would attack Swift. All of the pieces relied on unnamed "sources," despite Gossip Cop repeatedly demonstrating how the site's purported insiders are often misinformed or outright made up.

But now that Perry is finally gearing up to release her long-related album, she's exposing the truth about those aforementioned "exclusives": They were frauds. Despite HollywoodLies insisting over and over that the pop star would release songs that explicitly diss Swift, Perry herself has revealed that's just not true. "There is no one thing that's calling out any one person," she tells Entertainment Weekly in a new interview for which she was asked if there's a "reaction" to "Bad Blood" on the album.

Perry further says, "This record is not about anyone else! This record is about me being seen and heard so that I can see and hear everyone else! It's not even about me! It's about everything that I see out there that I digest." To be clear, the singer is saying there's no song "calling out any one person," the record is "not about anyone else," and it's "not even about me," even though HollywoodLies spent years, literally, claiming the album would be about Swift and their supposed feud.

When all of Perry's new music is released later this year, Gossip Cop won't be surprised if the webloid still tries to claim such-and-such song is directed towards Swift. The site is infamous for its sensationalism, and reads into everything from lyrics to glances. Gossip Cop would just urge everyone to remember what Perry herself says about her songs, not what HollywoodLies alleges for the sake of scandal.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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