Katy Perry NOT “Dumped” By Orlando Bloom, Despite Report

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Katy Perry Dumped Orlando Bloom

By Shari Weiss |

Katy Perry Dumped Orlando Bloom

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Katy Perry has not been “dumped” by Orlando Bloom, despite a tabloid story about a supposed “painful breakup.” Gossip Cop can correct the report.

A series of headlines in this week’s In Touch allege, “Katy’s heartbreak,” “Dumped by Orlando” and “Orlando Bloom ends things with Katy Perry.” The article alleges “it’s over” and the couple has “called it quits.” A so-called “source” claims, “Not long after Halloween, Orlando confessed to pals that he’d decided to end their relationship.”

“He claimed that he’s just not ready to get married and have babies,” continues the supposed snitch. A purported “insider” says Perry is “starting to hear her biological clock tick,” but the subject allegedly didn’t go over well with Bloom. “He has a young son with his ex-wife and is in no hurry to have more children. So he put the brakes on Katy’s suggestion real fast. He told her point-blank that it’s not something he’s willing to do at this point in his life.”

The magazine describes Perry as “devastated,” and suggests it’s why she recently canceled a show in China. Its “insider” further says, “She’s at her lowest point right now. She thought this was the real deal. She’s heartbroken.” The story goes on to assert that “insecurities also damaged the relationship,” and a Perry “friend” contends, “She said they were on different life paths and as much as she likes him, it’s time to move on.”

Conveniently, though, the publication ends its piece by saying Perry and Bloom “find it hard to stay away from each other,” and there could be a “reunion between the two.” That, of course, is the tabloid’s way of covering itself for when it emerges the couple is still on. And they are.

Perry and Bloom spent Thanksgiving together, just two days after this “breakup” tale hit newsstands. He obviously didn’t “dump” the singer. But readers should dump this false story.

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up.

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