Katy Perry Did NOT “Diss” Taylor Swift During Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Katy Perry Dissed Taylor Swift

By Daniel Gates |

Katy Perry Dissed Taylor Swift


HollywoodLife, a site that manufactures fake stories, repeatedly claimed Katy Perry would “diss” Taylor Swift during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Of course, it didn’t wind up happening, because HollywoodLife is a site that manufactures fake stories. But rather than admit its fabrication (or, better yet, shut up), HollywoodLife decided to keep going with its ridiculous premise, manufacturing a “diss” out of Perry’s background dancers’ polka dot bikini costumes. We wish we were joking.

“OMG! In the midst of her incredible Super Bowl halftime performance, Katy Perry managed to get a very subtle dig at Taylor Swift!” declares the webloid. HollywoodLife then shows a side-by-side comparison, submitted by some random fan, of Perry’s dancers’ swimsuits during “California Gurls” and the polka dot bikini Swift wore during an outing with Conor Kennedy… back in August 2012.

Ah, yes. Perry decided to “diss” Swift by singing a five-year-old song about bikinis and having her dancers wear similar (but not identical) polka dot swimsuits to one that Swift wore two and a half years ago. Even the fan whose tweet inspired the entire HollywoodLife story knows it’s a stretch, admitting, “I might be reading to (sic) much into this.” Um, you think so?

HollywoodLife makes a big deal out of the fact that the bikinis are high-waisted, like Swift’s. Except… Perry herself wore a high-waisted costume in the original “California Gurls” video. And, more recently, Swift made headlines when she revealed her belly button, which she’d previously kept hidden, during a beach outing in Hawaii.

Here’s what happened: HollywoodLife spent January predicting that Perry would “diss” Swift at the Super Bowl. Perry did no such thing. HollywoodLife decided to turn a completely innocuous, unrelated costume choice into a “diss.” A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “This can’t be serious.” Unfortunately, it is. HollywoodLife manufactures fake stories. The end.


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