Katy Perry’s Dad Confronted By Angry Christian: “Your Daughter Walks With Satan” — WATCH VIDEO HERE

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Cameron Diaz Jennifer Aniston

By Andrew Shuster |

Cameron Diaz Jennifer Aniston


Katy Perry’s dad Keith Hudson was confronted and berated outside of a radio station in Phoenix earlier this week by an angry Christian woman named Christine Weick. Watch the crazy video below!

Perry’s parents are both preachers, and Perry sang gospel music at their ministry before becoming a pop superstar. But according to Weick, Perry is a “satanic woman that has led millions to hell!” She told Perry’s father this, along with a number of other accusations, following his radio interview.

During her outburst, Weick shouted to Hudson that his daughter “walks with Satan” and that Perry is taking him “to hell right along with her!” The woman then revealed that she doesn’t speak to her own son anymore because he’s a fan of Perry’s music. Weick went on to let Hudson know that she was particularly incensed by Perry’s music video for “E.T.,” in which the singer is supposedly “having sex with demons.” Of course, at no point in the video does that occur, and the video is four years old already.

For his part, Hudson remained perfectly calm during Weick’s tirade. At one point he asked, “Do you think you’re acting like a Christian right now?” The woman ended her rant by declaring, “You’re daughter is wicked!” to which Perry’s dad responded, “I think you’re a little wicked yourself.” Watch the entire exchange in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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