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Reports claiming Katy Perry is headed for a "breakdown" are alarming but untrue. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Both the National Enquirer and its online sister outlet RadarOnline are running virtually identical stories this week alleging Perry's friends "fear" she's "spiraling out of control" and "going off the deep end." As evidence, the publications point to the singer's breakup with Orlando Bloom, her new hairstyle, and a social media video in which she allegedly cried.

Naturally, comparisons are made to Britney Spears. A so-called "source" claims to the tabloid and webloid, "Cutting off her hair is a cry for attention. It's a mini-Britney psych moment!" The purported snitch also contends Perry was the "laughingstock at the Met Gala," and maintains she's upset over the state of her music career. "People are genuinely worried for her," an alleged "insider" further tells the gossip outlets.

Let's be clear: Any legitimately concerned friend of Perry's would not be discussing such matters with the National Enquirer and RadarOnline. And rather than offering truly original proof that the pop star is melting down, the publications are merely repeating rumors and speculation that have been floating around online for weeks. Yes, Perry's haircut was distastefully compared to Spears. Yes, some fans debated whether she was crying on Instagram Live. Yes, some have noted the singer's current singles aren't faring as well as past ones. And yes, some mocked her appearance at the Met Gala.

But each of those things is subject to interpretation, as opposed to being factual evidence. For instance, Perry has happily discussed her new hairdo. She never actually acknowledged crying on a live stream. The performer still has a whole album's worth of music coming out this year. And Perry was also praised for embracing the Met Gala's avant-garde theme. Plus, as the co-chair of the event, she obviously put a lot of thought into her ensemble, and wouldn't have worn it if she didn't like it.

The point here is that the tabloid and webloid just cobbled together recent events and depicted them all in a negative light, even though there's more than one way of looking at them. What's more is that these two outlets have rarely been accurate when it comes to this particular star (and, well, most others). In 2013, for example, the print publication was peddling nonsense about Perry dating Robert Pattinson. That article came out almost exactly four years ago, and Gossip Cop called B.S. on it straight away. Time has proven that we were correct, and the pair have remained strictly platonic.

Not to mention, it was infamously the National Enquirer and RadarOnline's other sister outlet, OK!, that was forced in 2015 to apologize to Perry for falsely claiming she was pregnant. With all that said, there's little reason to trust these "breakdown" reports from the same company. Of course, Gossip Cop also checked in with our own contacts, who insisted Perry is "fine" and "looking forward" to spending the rest of the year promoting her new music. We were also reminded that she generally doesn't waste her time with these "rags." Fans shouldn't, either.

After all, it was Perry herself who said two years ago, "REMEMBER these magazines are fiction designed for entertainment." Shamefully, though, in this case, some very seriously allegations were wrongly made.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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